Putin promised Vucic that Serbia will have enough gas in winter

'' Putin and Vucic also exchanged Christmas and Happy New Year greetings, Moscow added. Under this agreement, Serbia pays for gas the previous $ 270 per 1,000 cubic meters. At Gazprom told RBC that the company is supplying gas “ according to consumer requests in full compliance with the current contractual obligations. According to him, the cause of the energy crisis was “ rash actions '' European authorities, who decided to abandon long-term contracts and reorient to exchange gas trading. Putin assured Vucic that Russia will stick to the agreements and Serbia will have enough gas in the winter. The day before, on December 24, Vucic announced that he would ask the Russian president for additional gas supplies. m. This was announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin during telephone conversations with his Serbian counterpart Alexander Vucic, the press service of the latter reports. Russian and Serbian Presidents Putin and Vucic discussed additional gas supplies Putin and Vucic discussed the possibility of additional supplies. The Kremlin press service clarified that Moscow and Belgrade have established a “ systematic work '' on gas supplies. According to the Ukrainian company, he “ sharply '' has reduced supplies of its own gas on the spot market in Europe, and also restricts additional supplies from other companies in order to artificially create a fuel shortage in the European market and put pressure on the EU in order to launch Nord Stream 2 as soon as possible. According to Vucic, the terms of the contract allow the country to save up to $ 8.6 million daily. But in November, Putin and Vucic, at a meeting in Sochi, extended it for another six months. In autumn, the exchange prices for gas in Europe broke the record of $ 1.9 thousand per cubic meter. In November, they extended the contract for six months, according to which Belgrade receives gas at $ 270 per cubic meter, while the exchange price in Europe jumped above $ 2 thousand. & lt; … & gt; And those who agreed to conclude long-term contracts with us in Europe now can only rub their hands and rejoice, '' & mdash; he noted. “ It was the smart guys who in the last European Commission came up with the market pricing for gas, here's the result for you. In the European Parliament and Naftogaz believe that Gazprom may be involved. It allows you to “ provide a stable heat and energy supply to the Serbian population and economy. Alexander Vucic and Vladimir Putin Russia will adhere to agreements, and in winter Serbia will have enough gas. The leaders also discussed the possibility of additional gas supplies', & mdash; said in a press release. The agreement has been in effect since 2012 and expired at the end of 2021. One of such long-term contracts with Russia was concluded with Serbia. '' Putin, in turn, also said that there was “ no truth '' in the accusations against the company due to the rise in prices. “ The presidents discussed the energy situation in Europe and the world, continuing the conversation that they had a month ago in Sochi. Subscribe to RBC's Instagram Get news faster than anyone Истoчник rbc.ru