Putin said his right to run for re-election stabilizes the situation

'' broadcasted by RBK. According to Putin, the American leader’s decision “also stabilizes the situation.” in the USA. Whether I will do it or not, I have not yet decided for myself. At the end of December 2020, Putin announced that he had not made a decision on re-election, but reminded that he “ formally has this permission from the people. Putin has been the head of state since 2000, in 2008 – 2012 Dmitry Medvedev was the president of the country, after which Putin again took part in the presidential elections. In the summer of 2020, Russia adopted amendments to the Constitution, in particular, zeroing the number of presidential terms for all former presidents. Amendments to the Basic Law were proposed in March 2020 by the first woman cosmonaut, a deputy from United Russia. The head of state stressed that he has the right to be elected for a new term. According to the CEC, 77.9% of those who voted were in favor of the amendments, and & mdash; 21.2% with a turnout of 67.97%. “ In accordance with the Constitution, I have the right to be elected for a new term. The head of state said that he has the right to be elected for a new term, but his re-election “is not a goal for Russia” Video Russian President Vladimir Putin has not yet decided whether he will be re-elected for new presidential term. Subscribe to FB RBK Get news faster than anyone Истoчник rbc.ru Putin supported the initiative on condition that the citizens of the country vote for the amendment package. Valentina Tereshkova. But the very existence of this right already stabilizes the internal political situation, '', & mdash; Putin said, noting at the same time that he did not consider the “ goal of Russia '' his re-election. Putin compared this to the situation in the United States, when the incumbent President Joe Biden announced his intention to be elected for a second term. '' The next presidential elections in Russia will be held in 2024. The US presidential elections will be held in 2024, at that time Biden will be 81 years old. He made such a statement during the VTB Capital forum “ Russia is calling!