Putin saved the New Year from officials as in a joke

However, sociologists do not provide data on how many citizens receive such a salary. Don't believe me? The Grinch wanted to steal Christmas, and Putin saved him. The codes themselves, as such, will die out as unnecessary, and technologies and equipment will remain. Истoчник www.mk.ru ” Do they need to guarantee us safety now? By the way, Dmitry Sergeevich has a chance to save his brother – the same fan of Civil Defense, like himself (Peskov this week in an interview confessed). And further in the text. Allegedly, the assertions of friends that something can threaten life in this connection is nothing more than an emotional hypertrophied reaction. ” I don't like Sokurov's films, I don't like his views, but in this case I understand him. There is nothing at all to oppose to them, except for the “ozverin” based on uranium-238. It has successes – according to the opinion poll, every fifth Russian will spend their 13th salary on paying off loans and debts, and not at all for gifts to relatives and friends. QR codes are not walls with machine-gun towers around the camp yet, but turnstiles are already installed. And whether the article works or not, depends, as usual, on the main thing. But it is not necessary, like Mr. Because he understands the structure of life and the fact that no one has canceled the article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation 280.1 “Public calls for the implementation of actions aimed at violating the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation”. Thus, good again defeated evil. There is nothing, he says, to arrange transportation problems for people on holiday, they will not understand, they will not appreciate. What surprised both liberals and statists. Well, I knew that there would be no objection to the first point. (In New Zealand, thanks to vaccinations, orgies were again allowed this week, albeit no more than 25 people at a time.) On the other hand, the authorities would not be the authorities if they did not use the history with codes to test technology and create the infrastructure of the social rating system. And why cyclists ?! I will allow myself to quote the excellent publicist Olshansky: “While the Americans and Europeans have been educating, raising, feeding and seducing politicians and officials, activists and journalists, professors and militants for decades, and creating a society in one country after another that reaches out to them, Russia did nothing proceeding from the arrogant idea that society is suckers, society is zero, and all issues are resolved at the summits of top officials. Summary – take it, do not meddle in the republics of the former USSR, this is ours, and not that … Here is an ambush with “or else …” Alas, it all looks like a proposal of Leopold the cat tortured by mice – guys, let's live together. And the introduction of this system is inevitable in the foreseeable future (not only in Russia, everywhere) as the collapse of capitalism. However, the State Duma made the task easier, and you and I will celebrate the New Year , our President Vladimir Vladimirovich. At one time, the activist Polyudova was given 2 years for calling for the separation of the Kuban. And the code will be your face. But at least there will be no QR codes for the holidays, and that's good. Inside the country, director Sokurov was concerned about security – he apologized (secretly) for talking to Putin. It is not clear how the case will end in Omsk. During the week, the State Duma fought hand in hand with the government over QR codes, Vladimir Vladimirovich wrapped them up and saved the New Year, and NATO was rolling in a wave to the east, and citizens were sharing the unreceived 13th salary … Photo: kremlin.ru The situation with QR codes is twofold. And if there is no money, then he will not be able to spend, then inflation will stop. Funny and not very news of the week Our electronic concentration camp turned out to be a blooper. But the strict Mrs. Where there are all kinds of artificial intelligence against the gloomy in the morning plumber. Since the law on QR codes in transport has been withdrawn from consideration. ” Let's enter QR codes everywhere and separately in transport. Nabiullina outlined the prospect clearly – it will be tougher. The Russian Foreign Ministry said last week that it would develop artificial intelligence for analyzing foreign policy, and so far this has not happened, it has rolled out a draft agreement between Russia and NATO on security guarantees. It was more difficult with the global evil represented by NATO. Simply put – the Central Bank raised the key rate, but not high enough: the population still has a lot of money, and they feverishly spend this money, because they believe that everything around will only go up in price. Of course, their business is lost, like a finger torn off by an enemy bullet in a holy people's war. Well, for what transport? On the one hand, they are undoubtedly needed to separate vaccinated, ill or having a medical treatment lambs from the goats – there is no other way to create herd immunity. It's strange to be afraid of the inevitable electronic concentration camp when you live in Russia. She said that at the moment monetary policy is not tough enough to wean you and me from high inflationary expectations. Volodin, to portray the struggle of the Nanai boys (for the younger generation it is not at all a martial art, not our northern Wing Chun). Go to the metro – there they are already teaching AI to accept payments by “face”. Even the press secretary Peskov had to comment: “Yes, they did not agree, but this is normal, there is nothing to apologize for. However, there is an anti-Semitic anecdote. In Omsk, local communist Ivan Kislitsin was fined 2,000 rubles for a video posted on the Web from a concert by Civil Defense, where Letov sings, “And the battle continues again!” And it seems that they are going to press further. Anti-Semitism is bad, therefore: “Let's shoot postmen and cyclists! And there already spring will loom, you see, and will flood some server room with crazy water. That is why, and not at all because of anti-Akser sentiments, the Communists in the State Duma staged a flash mob with posters against the law on QR codes in the spirit of parliamentarism forgotten as unnecessary (“The State Duma is not a place for discussion”). The pipe burst, the servers were flooded, and now the whole country (the Ministry of Internal Affairs calls it “isolated cases”) can neither receive the right, nor register a car, and it is not clear what to do with violators … But we will not give up building a camp!