Putin was asked to “rescue from slavery” some EU countries

Users admitted that Moscow naturally responds to the actions of the West. “At the same time, you can free them from the shackles of slavery some EU countries, “one of the commentators wrote. “If you step back and look at the big picture in Europe, you will understand that everything is far from what our media are desperately trying to present to us.” , – said another critic of the EU and the North Atlantic alliance. British readers of The Daily Express have taken a lively statement by Russian President Vladimir Putin at a large press conference. The readers of the publication asked the Russian leader to free the people of Ukraine from the trap in which he found himself. He said that the Ukrainian military are preparing a military operation in Donbass. Other commentators agreed that NATO and the European Union are preparing expansion into the region. It's time for him to rethink his behavior. In their opinion, Putin did the right thing when he demanded Western partners to back down. Other users have asked the Kiev authorities to stop the genocide of their own people in the east. Read also SkyNews readers supported Putin's demands for security guarantees Истoчник www.mk.ru