Putin was vaccinated against coronavirus with a syringe with powder

As Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with the ministers, he had a classic case: exactly 6 months later, the antibodies dropped – and the doctors recommended that a booster vaccine be given. Whereas after the primary vaccination he had a slight fever. It should be noted that not only Mikhail Mishustin, but also Dmitry Peskov, who told reporters that the head of state would join the clinical trials “on time”, did not know about the fact of the president's double revaccination. Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said that he saw the meeting between Putin and Logunov on TV and concluded that the president plans to volunteer and test himself with a nasal vaccine. Apparently, the next step of the authorities will be to issue certificates to owners of antibodies who have not been officially ill. Moreover, he did not do it publicly. However, the country should have a wide range of drugs, including for children. It is assumed that this should negate the possibility of infection and the “symptomatic” course of the disease. “I can testify that everything is developing the way our scientists say. “So we will do, I agree with you,” Putin reacted. There were no sensations, ”said VVP, noting that on November 24 he went to play sports in the morning. “I recommend everyone to go through not only the vaccination procedure, but also the revaccination in a timely manner,” addressing the Russians, said VVP. According to Putin, the situation in the Armed Forces is the most obvious evidence of the effectiveness of vaccinations and revaccinations. Petersburg, Sevastopol, Moscow Region, Tyva, Karelia and Chukotka – have reached 80%. “As I was told, the PRC has already begun working on a vaccine for children from the age of two. Putin told the ministers how the procedure went: Logunov took a syringe, “but instead of a liquid substance he took powder.” “He asked me to take a deep breath, on the count of three he pissed on one side, puffed on the other. the level of natural defense in those who have undergone covid is quite high. As it turned out at a meeting with the Cabinet of Ministers, immediately after the revaccination with Sputnik Light, the president, without telling anyone, supplied himself with a nasal vaccine, thus becoming one of the first participants in the initial stage of its clinical trials. Earlier Logunov explained that the purpose of the nasal vaccine is to create an additional barrier for the virus in the upper respiratory tract. However, as it turned out, the head of the Cabinet was a little late: according to Putin, he had already given himself a nasal vaccine. And on Wednesday, he continued the conversation about the importance of revaccination at a meeting with members of the government. Monitoring shows that repeat patients make up only 0.74% of the total number of cases, i.e. Apparently, the president personally plays a special role in this “restart”. (Recall that in March it was not even reported what drug the president was inoculated with.) Last weekend, Vladimir Putin held a detailed meeting on this topic with the deputy. The Kremlin does not abandon this principle even today. Moscow and Lipetsk region are close to this figure. According to VVP, everything went well – he was already involved in sports. “Then I sat for 15 minutes – there were no sensations” Vladimir Putin was actively involved in the information campaign to promote vaccinations. Photo: kremlin.ru In early 2021, opponents of the Kremlin reproached Vladimir Putin for doing little to popularize vaccinations among the population. Gamalei by Denis Logunov. The government is already working on the issue: such a decision will allow faster achievement of the indicator of the necessary collective immunity announced by the officials. “Denis Yuryevich (Logunov) made me this procedure himself, namely a powder in nasal form,” he specified. Indeed: GDP took root later than many other world leaders. Now only 6 regions out of 85 – St. “Permission has been issued to conduct the first phase of clinical trials. He noted that this decision cannot be imposed. And he did it the next day after the usual injection. Director of the Center. “Let's see what the result will be in terms of protective captions,” the head of state explained the purpose of the experiment. The choice fell on Sputnik Light, and this time the head of state did not even feel the consequences of the injection. Therefore, the Ministry of Health was proposed to amend the methodological recommendations, and the Ministry of Digital Science – in the certificates posted on the State Services. Истoчник www.mk.ru Gamaleya Denis Logunov, who administered a nasal vaccination to the president. However, much more attention is paid to the first-person revaccination procedure than to the first vaccination. We also need to think about it, ”Putin said. If at the initial stage there were “problems with covid” and “loss of personnel from this disease,” then when they began to get vaccinated, everything returned to normal. Based on the results, an interim report will be prepared in 42 days, “the prime minister informed, specifying that the GDP will need to” fill out a special permit “in order to join the experiment. Vladimir Putin with the deputy director of the National Research Center named after N.F. The media wrote that against the background of low rates of immunization of the population and the distrust of many Russians to domestic drugs, the Kremlin decided to restart the state campaign to promote vaccinations, making it more convincing, detailed and aggressive. As Dmitry Peskov explained, the president is not a supporter of PR on cameras: vaccination can be promoted in other ways – and Putin is actively involved in this. As for the immunization of adolescents aged 12 to 17 years, then, as Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova said at the meeting, the corresponding vaccine has been registered and will be launched into civil circulation by the end of December. Then I sat for 15 minutes. Let's see what the result will be in terms of increasing protective captions, ”he added. According to Golikova, experts advise the headquarters to extend the validity of certificates (and, accordingly, QR codes) of citizens who have officially recovered from coronavirus from 6 months to 1 year.