Putin’s trump cards in negotiations with Biden named

Истoчник www.mk.ru The attention of the world media is riveted on the conversation between Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden, which is taking place against the backdrop of yet another increase in Russian-American tension. According to people familiar with the discussions, “aggressive” new sanctions against members of Putin's inner circle and Russian energy producers are also being considered. On amid “deep concern” about Russia's planning “significant military action against Ukraine,” the president will not support any of Putin’s red lines on NATO expansion in Eastern Europe and will make it clear that the US is ready to respond to the invasion with sanctions and – if necessary – sending additional troops to Europe to calm the nervous soybeans znikov, a senior administration official told reporters on Monday. Sources said sanctions could target a range of sectors, including energy producers, Russian banks and Russian sovereign debt. We have seen what foreign mass media have to say about the upcoming virtual summit. Photo: AP CNN:“ President Joe Biden is set to make one of the most critical calls of his presidency to Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday, having received harsh warnings from the US intelligence community that Russia is preparing to invade Ukraine as early as next month. “We have put together a damn aggressive package,” said a senior US official. “Unfavorable time for the US president” On Tuesday evening, the presidents of Russia and the US are scheduled to hold talks via video link.