Rebaelliun – Unleash The Fire Lyrics

bleed cowards
At my command unleash the fire
Burning rebellion consuming my soul
For sure we deserve this damned world
Let my fury burn fast
Fiery fury, relentless wrath
Civilisation lies on the ground
Ascending the smoke of genocide
Leading the hordes to victory
At my command unleash the fire
Deying the laws of men
Laughing of thy so vast knowledge
Living in the abyss – survivor insane
Entire mankind is a shame
No one can control my will
Unmerciful hunter death is fulfilled
Bloodbath desire to kill
No one can control my will REBAELLIUNUnleash The Fire Lyrics
Furious rebellion inflicting my soul
As I Burn in ternal rejoice
Bearer of red fierce flames
Leading the hordes to the battle
Can hear their cries behind the walls
Let me fire assault their squils
Run cowards!