Researchers in the United States have opened the time capsule found in the statue’s pedestal

& nbsp; The development is carried out by a team from MEPhI, MGIMO and Lomonosov Moscow State University. It is reported that the capsule was small a box made of lead. The content of the found books has not yet been specified, since they all got wet. It is specified that the service will allow storing digital data in a protected mode. It contained three books, an envelope and a silver coin. Earlier it was reported that Russian specialists are working on the creation of the capsule service time '', with the help of which Russians will be able to transmit digital information by inheritance. & Nbsp; Истoчник This message to descendants lay sealed for over 130 years. American researchers in Richmond (Virginia) opened a time capsule found in the pedestal of a previously demolished equestrian statue of Confederate General Robert Lee, AP reports.