Researchers name seven liver-damaging habits

Earlier, experts told how to eat right after suffering a coronavirus. Products must be thoroughly washed before use. If you can't set aside half an hour at a time, break the activity into shorter periods of time, experts suggest. Alcohol in moderation is not dangerous but excessive consumption can lead to fibrosis or even cirrhosis of the liver. Seven bad habits that lead to early liver damage were listed by experts of the famous American research medical center Mayo Clinic, according to the portal Eat This, Not That. People with tattoos and piercings are at risk. Also, you need to be careful about fatty, fried and salty foods & mdash; it increases the load on the liver. It is believed that about half of people with viral hepatitis of this type are unaware of existing disease. They can only be used in masks that protect the eyes and respiratory organs. To keep your liver in good shape, all you need to do is exercise for 30 minutes 5 days a week. Purchased vegetables and fruits may contain pesticides. Needles and other equipment used increase the risk of cross-infection not only with hepatitis B or C, but also with other serious diseases. Finally, doctors advise periodically checking the blood for hepatitis C. Истoчник Aerosols for fighting insects, paints and other toxic substances are no less dangerous.