Residents of Donbass explained their unwillingness to prepare for war: stocks will rot

Eight years of non-peaceful life have developed in them a philosophical approach to the situation. There is also no civilized banking system here and, accordingly, there is nowhere to run to withdraw deposits, there is nowhere to withdraw money abroad and, most often, there is nothing to “withdraw to cash”. The trench warfare in the Donbass has fallen silent, hiding: people sometimes watch TV in the dugouts. Since then, the Donetsk people have been thoroughly trained for years: “APU offensives”, according to television, should take place here every two months, and the expectation of a “big war” grows every year in winter and summer, with peaks in August and January-February. No matter how you prepare, you will never be completely ready for war in your home. In 2014, Donetsk residents received a series of visual lessons on the topic: “You can’t breathe before you die.” As it turns out, the spasmodic buyouts of close-quarters warfare on everything from toilet paper to cat food don't make much sense. How great was the pumping last winter, when at first the local TV promised the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine by March 15, 2021, and all the federal Russian shows – a war with Ukraine for the Donbass next spring, and maybe at the beginning of summer, as soon as the snow melts and that’s all dries up … But even then the “war” did not particularly respond to the markets of Donetsk, Makeevka and Gorlovka. Everything is much simpler here: not in a hurry, people live their lives, gratefully perceiving any weather. Why is this happening and why the people of Donbass do not rush to buy cereals and matches and do not dig cellars, MK understood Photo: In Donetsk, people really do not buy cereals and canned food, do not dig cracks near nine-story buildings, and people in Mariupol and Makeevka really much calmer than those in Kiev or Moscow – perhaps also because they follow stock market fluctuations less here? Bread quickly stales, midges start up in cereals bought for future use, and in the conditions of hostilities after shelling, even in very prosperous cities and regions, electricity was sometimes cut off for a week. After that, unbearably stinking refrigerators and freezers with spoiled products had to be taken to the landfill. Muddy fields and the current vile weather, according to locals, do not exactly promise an aggravation in the next couple of weeks. For example, now it’s minus 6 outside, and by Friday they promise blizzards and snowfalls with warming up to or +1 during the day, which means sleet with ice at night and not frozen, moisture-saturated fields to the very border with Russia and the line of contact with Ukraine. The last winter war – for Debaltseve in 2015 – was truly winter, on average at -15 and thoroughly frozen ground. No one shoots without a special reason: Russia will “attack soon” anyway or come to the rescue, why bother?! And then in Donetsk, few people think. Heavy equipment will not pass on such land, they know it here. Besides, the war on the outskirts has subsided: with the outbreak of the “big war” on TV, you can’t hear the cannonade on the outskirts of Donetsk at all – it simply doesn’t exist. Истoчник Ukrainians are again leaving now to study at training grounds, mastering new British and American weapons; in the DPR, in the army corps, they also look around in puzzlement – where is the promised “north wind” (that's what they call all seconded Russians here). Railway stations do not work here, there are no passenger trains and there has been no airport for a long time – you can only go to Rostov-on-Don for a weekend to breathe peaceful life in your car or bus, overcoming several hours of queues at the border in both directions. There is nowhere to run urgently: the border crossings are not rubber. In Donetsk, people don't buy cereals and don't dig cracks “The war between Ukraine and Russia is on the threshold”, and the people of Donetsk are not preparing for it. It is pointless to reproach civilians of Donbass in indifference: they are like that frog exhausted by the current in the office biology: tired of regularly “receiving signals” and no longer react to anything.