Roskomnadzor announced the blocking of “OVD-Info” for “propaganda of terrorism”

In addition, the organization must mark its materials with a mark of the status of a “ foreign agent ''. Roskomnadzor blocked the OVD-Info website; December 25. His decision states that the information of the media project, “ aimed at justifying the activities of extremist and terrorist associations, justifying the actions of participants in such organizations '' is recognized as prohibited. “ In view of the above, the activities of the media project are aimed at promoting terrorism and extremism in Russia '', “ mdash; added in Roskomnadzor. For violation of the requirements, fines and criminal liability are provided. As the court found, such information was published on the website and in social networks OVD-Info. OVD-Info insists that they have not received any verification notifications from the prosecutor's office or requests to remove content, no notices of the court and blocking of the site. Subscribe to RBC's Instagram Get news faster than anyone Истoчник The department added that the site “ OVD-Info '' was blocked on the basis of the decision of the Lukhovitsky District Court of the Moscow Region. The project must report to the department on planned activities and programs, as well as financial receipts and expenditures. In September, the Ministry of Justice introduced “ OVD-Info '' to the register of unregistered public associations that perform the functions of a foreign agent. OVD-Info; tried to challenge the decision to enter it into the register, but the court refused. The department has restricted access to the site on the territory of Russia, and has also sent social media administrations demands to delete the organization's accounts. Roskomnadzor blocked the site of the project by a court decision. It says that the work of the organization was “aimed at promoting terrorism and extremism in Russia” Website of the human rights project OVD-Info (included in the register of unregistered public associations performing the functions of a foreign agent) was blocked because its work “ is aimed at promoting terrorism and extremism on the territory, '' the Roskomnadzor press service told RBC.