Rosselkhoznadzor has banned poultry products from a number of EU territories

The transit of live poultry through the territory of the Russian Federation is also limited. Restrictions apply to live poultry, hatching eggs, poultry meat, finished poultry meat products (except for goods, subject to processing that ensures the destruction of avian influenza viruses), feed and feed additives for birds (with the exception of feed and feed additives of plant origin, chemical and microbiological synthesis). This was announced by the supervisory authority. Истoчник '' Some types of products, as well as coal and wood-based panels, were subject to the restriction. Earlier it was reported that China had limited the import of goods through the Zabaikalsk border checkpoint; Manchuria. In early November, Belarus banned the export of buckwheat from the country for three months. The Rosselkhoznadzor introduces temporary restrictions on the supply of live poultry and poultry products to the Russian Federation from the three administrative territories of the EU countries that are unfavorable for bird flu. Since December 3, it is impossible to import the specified products into Russia from the department of Nor France, since December 1 & ndash; from the territory of the region of Cuxhaven of the federal state of Lower Saxony of Germany, as well as from the county of Sisachko-Moslavachka of Croatia and from the administrative territory of Austria & ndash; the federal state of Lower Austria. In addition, on November 26, a temporary ban was imposed on the import of poultry products from the Aurich and Cloppenburg regions of the federal state of Lower Saxony, Germany.