Run Through The Desert – Someone Else’s Name Lyrics

RUN THROUGH THE DESERTSomeone Else’s Name Lyrics
Verse 1
Tonight it’s late and were sitting in my car (down)
The stars are close but lost in outer space (up)
I say goodnight, but the words got in the way
I broke your heart with the pain I can’t erase

Pre Ch
I called you someone else’s name, things will never be the same,
I can’t go back and change the words, 2 letters off and Now she’s heard, now she’s heard, now she’s hurting
Let me make it up to you, I’ll do whatever I can do,
Let me make it up to you, yeah I’m so far down
But I’ll make it up to
Verse 2
You’re here with me but a million miles away
The song is clear but don’t know what to say
I feel you breathe but I can’t find the air
I found the words but lost you sitting there (cause)