Russia and China block UN Security Council resolution on sanctions against North Korea

on joint exercises with the United States. According to Chinese diplomats, Washington must show “more sincerity and flexibility” if it wants to achieve a breakthrough in relations with Pyongyang. Washington also suggested that Pyongyang ban the export of mineral fuels and oil. Nebenzia believes that expanding sanctions against the DPRK is “futile and extremely dangerous” The UN Security Council was unable to adopt a draft resolution on toughening sanctions against the DPRK due to ballistic missile launches. Articles Pro x The Economist Why English-speaking countries suffer more from inflation — The Economist Research Materials for the article Authors Tags Subscribe to RuTube Истoчник Seoul and Tokyo considered Pyongyang's actions a provocation: South Korea responded by launching a Henmu-2 ballistic missile. and the absence of a veto by the permanent members of the Council (in addition to Russia and China, these are the United States, France and the United Kingdom). Nine votes “for” are required to pass the resolution. The project was prepared by the United States, it was aimed at reducing the allowable volume of exports of oil and petroleum products to the DPRK. Russian Permanent Representative to the UN Vasily Nebenzya, explaining his “no” vote, said that Washington did not take into account Moscow's comments. According to the authorities of South Korea and Japan, the last three launches were carried out on May 25, immediately after US President Joe Biden visited these countries. Read on RBC Pro Pro Casteness, start-ups, caution – what you need to know about business in India Articles Pro Stress: how it can help us Articles Pro : 5 tips Instructions Pro How the system of fast payments becomes an alternative to Apple Pay in Russia? “We regret that the American colleagues ignored our repeated explanations that were given during the consultations on the project,” — he said (TASS quote). According to the diplomat, expanding sanctions against the DPRK “is not only futile, but also extremely dangerous in terms of the consequences of such measures.” He pointed out that the restrictions adopted in 2016-2017 “hit first of all the lives of ordinary North Koreans.” “We do not think that the resolution proposed by the United States can solve any problems,” — Chinese Permanent Mission to the UN told Reuters. The permanent members of the Security Council Russia and China used the right of veto, the rest of the countries voted “for”. North Korea has launched six intercontinental ballistic missiles since the beginning of the year, US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield said. The project was prepared by the United States: according to Washington, Pyongyang has launched six intercontinental ballistic missiles since the beginning of the year.