Russia assessed the readiness of British troops to leave Ukraine when the situation aggravates

& ndash; Anglo-Saxons always try to have someone fight for their interests, while they never fight for others. *** It turns out that “ friendly '' the British gesture once again demonstrated the attitude of the North Atlantic Alliance towards the “ independent ''. & Nbsp; & ndash; “ MK '' ) and how it ended for them. Истoчник !! Only a little over a century and a half have passed. No reciprocity. According to some media reports, during an urgent evacuation from Afghanistan this fall, the British special forces dressed in a woman's dress with a chador. Russian political scientists praised the British for their honesty. “ If we put together everything that the Ukrainian authorities said about Russia and everything that they did against it, there will be a heap of reasons for a full-fledged war, from which none of those who are engaged in these outrages in Ukraine will not be able to get out without losses, & ndash; noted in his Telegram channel “ Armageddonnych '' political scientist Yevgeny Satanovsky. Despite the & nbsp; that earlier in the UK Department of Defense announced plans of the United Kingdom in the near future to increase its global military presence in the world to quickly respond to possible threats, on December 19, UK Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace announced London's refusal to send its troops to defend Ukraine in in the event of an invasion allegedly planned by Russia. Currently, most of the British forces in Ukraine are located in the city of Yavorovo, Lviv region, and a small group of headquarters officers are in Kiev, the newspaper claims. Command has already developed a plan of action to safely evacuate all personnel. & ndash; The British, by the way, seem to be the first to understand this, announcing in advance that the second it gets hot in Ukraine, the legs of their military will not be there. Historical memory & ndash; the best teacher. “ Who knows history, he did not expect otherwise, & nbsp; & ndash; public figure Nikolai Starikov comments on his Telegram channel. '' & ndash; the user with the nickname Wandlitz asks. So they are trying this … to attach it to someone, but there is not enough money to treat it, it is easier to bury it as it is '', & ndash; comments 75Sergey. The decision to evacuate will be made by Colonel General Charlie Strickland, Chief of the British Joint Operations Office. Ukraine wants to join NATO, and NATO wants it & ndash; not really. Photo: The Military Leadership Will Have to Organize a Comprehensive 'Review' (British training mission) Orbital to further ensure that all United Kingdom personnel are “ safely withdrawn from Ukrainian territory '', & ndash; According to the publication. These at least warned, those Yankees are silently skidding on airplanes '', & ndash; tolmachiev51 spoke out. “At least they warned that the Yankees are silently scrambling on planes” Great Britain is ready to evacuate its troops from the territory of Ukraine in case of aggravation of the situation, the British newspaper Daily Express reports. “ They are generally on friendly terms with their heads, why does Russia need poor Ukraine, where the population is 1/3 of the population of Russia ?! '' “ England has no eternal allies and constant enemies & ndash; her interests are eternal and constant '', & ndash; quoted Old Mans Viscount Palmerston, former Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary of Great Britain, who spoke the words of March 1, 1858 in the British Parliament. According to him, despite Kiev's desire to join NATO, Ukraine is not a member of the Alliance, and no one has a desire to fight for it. Or, like in Afghanistan, will they change their clothes? What, they don't want to feed themselves anymore? Perhaps they & nbsp; remember how they fought in the Crimea (Crimean War of 1854-1856. ''“ This time in military uniform? Well, London has a correct understanding of the operational environment.