Russia will expand the accelerated training program for blue-collar occupations

The Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation plans to expand the number of industries included in the Professionalism program, aimed at reducing the duration of training for blue-collar specialties. Head of department Sergey Kravtsov said that 40-50 % of students are planned to be transferred to these training programs, which imply their preparation for specific tasks of industries and enterprises. The authorities want to launch the program from September 1 next year, the first 150 thousand students will begin their studies. Истoчник Earlier, the Minister of Education said that by the end of 2024 & nbsp; sports clubs will open in all schools, and almost 6 thousand swimming pools will appear from them. According to the minister, a situation has developed when many enterprises create their own corporate universities, where college graduates are retrained. It is planned to allocate almost 30 billion rubles from the state budget until 2024 for the implementation of the project, according to TASS. At the same time, the colleges themselves are catastrophically underfunded, there is no practical base, Kravtsov said, noting that the “ Professionalism '' just aimed at solving the existing problems.