Russia will strengthen control over the formation of prices for vital drugs

These can be applications from citizens and organizations, instructions from the President, the government, the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation or the Prosecutor of the region. “ Information on the results of control measures and the measures taken to eliminate violations will be displayed in the unified register of inspections '', & ndash; says the message. At a meeting with his deputies, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin urged not to allow unreasonable overestimation of the cost such drugs. “It is important to maintain a balance in the market so that the prices of essential drugs remain affordable for citizens”, & ndash; he said. To carry out the latter, a foundation is required. The press service of the government explained that the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) will check the documents according to which regional health authorities calculate price premiums for vital drugs. The government has approved the procedure for monitoring price premiums for vital and essential medicines, according to the website of the Cabinet. To be specified, that inspections can be both scheduled and unscheduled. Истoчник