Russian Catholics and Protestants told how they celebrate Christmas

And in the Orthodox churches of the Czech lands and Slovakia they celebrate twice – according to the Julian and New Julian calendars. Истoчник Christmas, which is celebrated on the night of December 24-25 in the Roman Catholic, a number of Orthodox churches, as well as some Protestants, believers mostly spend with their families , the interviewed priests told RIA Novosti, noting that the most important thing on Christmas is joy. Date of Christmas On the night of December 24-25, Christmas confessions and churches adhering to the Gregorian and New Julian calendar are celebrated: the Roman Catholic Church, Protestants (Lutherans, Anglicans, some Methodists, Baptists and Pentecostals), as well as Orthodox Constantinople, Alexandria, Antioch, Romanian, Bulgarian, Cypriot, Greek, Albanian churches and the Orthodox Church in America.