Russian military base in Venezuela: analyst rated pros and cons

For example, such as Colombia, which is one hundred percent pro-American. It needs serious protection. And if in this situation we begin to announce something ahead of time, we will not look very nice.  As for Venezuela, according to the expert, the negotiation process can be simpler here. We will also have to take into account that Venezuela is in the ring of unfriendly states. At the same time, it should be remembered that the country has a high level of crime, and it will be extremely difficult to deploy a real, and not nominal, base there. An important factor in deciding the issue of permanent bases, the expert also calls the financial aspect. Especially when Russia has modern high-precision weapons? It turns out that we have already twice, roughly speaking, “thrown” them with their military bases. In the event of such negotiations, the expert believes, it would be easier to resolve the issue of placing a Russian base on the territory of Venezuela, since we have a short history with this country relations, unencumbered by any previous differences, as in the case of Cuba. – I really hope, – he says, – that, before announcing the creation of any bases, voicing this decision to the Americans and the press, our military and diplomats held consultations with Cuban and Venezuelan experts. So, I think, they simply won’t want to play the same game with us for the third time and with a high degree of probability they won’t allow us to host anything. To this question «MK» asked Ruslan Pukhov, a Russian military analyst, director of the Moscow Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies (CAST), a member of the Public Council under the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. Fidel then took this as a personal insult and humiliation of the people of Cuba. Our people are there – directly or indirectly – may even end up as hostages. Now for us it is not so important, – the expert thinks. And therefore it would be much cheaper (and from a military point of view – today even more efficient) to create not military bases, but, for example, such naval groups that could, once off the coast of the United States, without any bases, carry out those combat missions that will be assigned to them. – At one time, – explains Pukhov, – without Fidel's permission, Nikita Khrushchev recalled our missiles from the Island of Freedom and returned them back, which gave rise to a very big crisis in Soviet-Cuban relations. We can do it today. – It is likely that the leadership of Venezuela will allow us to host a base, – says Ruslan Pukhov. To do this, it is no longer necessary to be near its territory. In a word, we should think over and over again whether we should start the process of deploying our base there. – The development of military technologies makes it possible to threaten, exert pressure, and strike at targets of a potential enemy at a distance. Then, later, already at the beginning of the “zero” years we abandoned our Cuban base in Lourdes – our main electronic intelligence center. Photo: AP – Having military bases off the coast of the United States made sense 40-50 years ago. But do we really need military bases near the United States? Истoчник And also without much consultation with the Cubans. But the only question is: do we need it? So  from a purely military point of view the presence of such military bases is no longer such an important factor as it used to be.  According to Pukhov, there is also an important diplomatic aspect to this issue. Half will be for, the other – strongly opposed. As our “response to Chamberlain” if the US does not take our security concerns into account. – Although his position will divide the country's public opinion in half. Otherwise, such statements would sound insulting to the leadership of these countries. “Very expensive and risky pleasure” In recent days, one can hear more and more talk about the possible deployment of Russian military bases in Cuba or Venezuela. So it may turn out that this base will rather not threaten the Americans, but itself will become a target for threats from pro-American forces. It says: – It must be understood that the maintenance of a full-fledged military base in a foreign country – This is a very expensive pleasure that requires large investments.