Safaree Gets Into It With LGBT Community Over Comment About Jojo Siwa

How do you dress? “My n***a…don’t you have kids to take care of?” another user asked. Safaree immediately received backlash for his comment as people started bashing him, saying he was homophobic. Safaree gets into it with some members of the LGBT community over a comment about Jojo Siwa they dubbed as homophobic statements. “Yea and they’re doin better than you could ever of Rodent,” Safaree answered with two laughing emojis. “Wow so this is considered history,” he started, adding four laughing emojis. “It’s going to be tricky, but it’s going to give so much to people out there.”
After the news was shared on Hollywood Unlocked, rapper Safaree Samuels took the time to express his thoughts in the comment section. Scram fella.”
With all the homophobic rants taking place over social media, persons are extremely touchy when it comes to situations like this, especially when they want to protect a specific artiste’s image. And how is he homophobic cuz he said: “it’s not history in the making” ??? On the other hand, despite all the horrible backlash, many people are supporting him, saying that he just questioned if the news is considered historic due to the current affairs of the world. They’re not teaching this in no history class in 20 years, this ain’t history,” he concluded. He shared Safaree’s sentiment and liked his comment, also adding his own. On Thursday (August 26), ABC announced that 18-year-old entertainer Jojo Siwa would be joining the cast for season 30 of the show, and she will be partnered with a pro-female dancer. For the first time, Dancing With The Stars will feature a same-sex dance pair. @Safaree IG
“Just be honest and say you hate gay people, y’all are so homophobic it’s sad,” one user replied, to which Safaree retorted, “So because I said it’s not history I’m homophobic? Oh, cuz she’s white? “He ain’t lie tho, how is this history in the making???! View this post on Instagram

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Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window) “I’m really laughing at this. Your name for the day is dumb***. What shoes do you wear? It’s all something that I’m looking forward to,” Siwa disclosed on the TCA virtual press tour. Among the supporters was Bobby Lytes, who is known to be a prominent homosexual himself. “There are a lot of barriers we’re going to have to break through. Another user took the opportunity to bring up Safaree’s failed relationship with Nicki, calling him jobless in the process. Who leads? just say that. To that, Safaree clapped back, stating that he’s made millions since being with Nicki. I’m confused,” Bobby wrote. He stars on the hit show Love & Hip Hop Miami. “He told no lies doe,” another supporter added with five laughing emojis.