Save Private Ermak

And this suited both the Kremlin and Zelensky's Office. It was because of these agreements that Vladislav Surkov, Kozak's predecessor as curator of Donbass and Ukraine, left the Kremlin, because he was against them. The stay of “Timofeich” at the head of the Zelensky Office gives Russia a chance that, given a more or less favorable foreign policy situation, Moscow and Kiev will be able to return to the implementation of the “confederation of Ukraine and Donbass” project. This is true. Yes, Medvedchuk can make it clear what the Kremlin wants from Kiev, but he is unable to influence and change anything, no matter how hard he tries. There was only one way out of this stalemate in the eyes of the Kremlin and in the eyes of Yermak: the confederation of Ukraine and Donbass. Naturally, Ukrainian nationalists, security forces and special services were against this project in Ukraine, but so far in White Trump sat at home, who publicly told Zelensky: negotiate with Russia, they could not actively oppose the Ukrainian president. But most importantly, Kozak and Yermak were able to agree on the full implementation of the Minsk agreements, which ultimately turned Ukraine from a unitary state into a confederation of Ukraine and Donbass. Bandera and Ukrainian nationalists are unlikely to grow up in such families; as a rule, children are taught Russian culture in them. If they cannot officially operate in Crimea because of fears of sanctions, then the implementation of the Minsk agreements in full gives them the right, unlike Crimea, to open their offices in Donbass, in territories not controlled by Kiev, completely freely. That is why the Ukrainian president gave permission to the head of his Office to warn Moscow that the Ukrainian special services are going to detain the Wagnerites by landing a plane with them, which took off from Minsk, in Kiev. Moreover, Donbass, which on paper remained Ukraine, would be completely controlled by Moscow. Ermak was then able to convince Zelensky of this option. Some weight in the eyes of Ukrainian officials is given to him by his closeness to Putin – he is perceived by them as a representative of the Russian president. Now the main thing is to wait for the right moment, and so that by this time, under pressure from the hawks caused by the investigation, Zelensky “does not leave” Ermak, making him the scapegoat for the failure of the operation to detain the Wagnerites. First of all, we are talking about the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Andriy Yermak, whose Russian mother, originally from Leningrad, and whose father was a major Soviet official who served on the foreign economic line under Gorbachev. This means in practice the possibility of concluding economic agreements, in particular with Russia. Then the parties were able to agree on the disengagement of military units in several places on the line of contact (and indeed they were eventually dispersed), on the exchange of prisoners, on the opening of additional checkpoints. This was also agreed with Yermak. Истoчник Usually, when people in Russia talk about pro-Russian forces in Ukraine, they mean, first of all, Viktor Medvedchuk and his “Opposition Platform – For Life”. Andriy Yermak Photo: Under it, in the current conditions Nezalezhnaya should be understood as those people who would like to find mutual understanding with Russia on the problem of settlement in Donbass, according to the issue of gas transit through Ukrainian territory, as well as the weakening of repressions against the pro-Russian political opposition and pro-Russian media and the possibility of their legal activity. Thus, Russian banks can freely open their representative offices and branches in the republics, absolutely not fearing that they will be subject to Western sanctions. And the project would have been implemented if Trump, and not Biden, had won the US presidential election. Kiev In turn, he understood that Russia would not give up the Donbass, it was impossible to return it by military means – there were no forces or resources for this, but the rejection of Donbass would never be approved by the active Ukrainian-nationalist community with all the ensuing consequences. It should be reminded that it was thanks to Timofeich (as he is called “at work”), who in February 2020 replaced the clumsy and strategic Andrey Bogdan as head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, that it was possible to intensify negotiations in the Minsk format. Recall that according to Minsk, the DPR and LPR have the right to conduct an independent from Kiev foreign economic activity. Zelensky and Yermak did not want to disrupt the agreements reached with the Kremlin. Already in March, he met several times in Minsk with the Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of Russia Dmitry Kozak, who was in charge of Donbass and Ukraine. The activities of the new main investor of Donbass Yevgeny Yurchenko, who this year began working in the LPNR, are from the same series. But Ermak can. Russian investments and Russian business could also quite officially operate in the LPNR. He would never have resigned if he understood that the “Confederation of Ukraine and Donbass” project was not a serious undertaking. A Bellingcat publication (recognized in Russia as a foreign agent) of the investigation “Anatomy of a Wagnergate: A daring Ukrainian operation to capture Russian mercenaries” endangers the moderate Russophile wing of the Ukrainian government. But Medvedchuk's problem is that he has no real power, and after Zelensky closed three of his TV channels, his media resource is also limited. But the latter won, and then, on a command from Washington, Zelensky stopped its implementation. As conceived, it would be formally a single state, but in fact – the second Bosnia and Herzegovina, where two independent states would coexist. And when Putin says that his decree on the recognition of certificates of origin of goods from the DPR and LPR in Russia does not contradict Minsk, he is absolutely right, since Kozak and Yermak agreed on this a year and a half ago. Yermak had to go into the shadows for now. The following circumstances contributed to the success of Kozak's negotiations with Yermak: Moscow understood that Donbass, like Crimea, cannot be annexed at this stage, but it cannot be abandoned either, as it would be considered a betrayal by the Russian patriotic community.