Scout Mikhail Mukasey. According to legend and without failures

Soviet intelligence officers (they are also diplomats) organized screenings of our films, concerts, cocktail parties at the consulate. He studied at this school with his wife Elizaveta Mukasya (née Emelyanova). Mikhail was seconded to the Institute of Oriental Languages, where he specialized in studying Bengali and English. They were visited by many celebrities – writerTheodor Dreiser, musiciansVladimir Horowitz, Leopold Stokowski. More lengthy preparation was required for his wife. Remembering him, Elizaveta Mukasey wrote: “He was a most charming man. In addition to performing secret assignments, Mikhail and Elizabeth supervised the residency in Western Europe, all information from the residents flocked to them, processed and transmitted to the Center. Then he sent encrypted messages to the center with special notes: “from circles close to the president.” I had to take risks. 115 years ago, the legendary Soviet intelligence officer Mikhail Mukasey was born. Rate the material Истoчник Well-versed in Hebrew, Mukasey was in Israel during and after the Arab-Israeli Six-Day War in 1967, when the USSR severed diplomatic relations with that country. He studied everything that was known about this camp, visited the places where the prisoners were driven to work. Befriended the Mukaseys and Charlie Chaplin. More than once they were on the verge of failure. Elizabeth turned into a Polish woman and a zealous Catholic, she had to intensively study the Polish language and Catholic rites. In 1939, they went on a business trip to the USA, to Los Angeles under the guise of a vice-consul.  Mukasey himself recalled that his first business trip abroad was facilitated by an accident. There he learned that all his relatives were destroyed by the Nazis, and found a man who had survived in a concentration camp. Even after the liberation of Belarus, Mikhail visited his native places. He studied at the workers' faculty, in 1929 he joined the CPSU (b). and “Elsa”. After this mission, the Mukaseis worked in France, in other countries, on different continents. Mukasey's sources have repeatedly confirmed the information transmitted from Tokyo by Richard Sorge: Japan will not decide on a war with the Soviet Union in the near future. For example, it cost them a lot of nerves to report in Swiss newspapers about a radio transmitter detected by counterintelligence and at the same time real searches in houses in the neighborhood. For outstanding services to the country, Colonel Mikhail Mukasey was awarded many orders and medals. The Hollywood area of ​​Los Angeles was home to many American movie stars and many members of the establishment. Polish, Catholic, radio operator Mukasey and his family returned to the USSR in 1943 and worked for several years as deputy head of the educational unit of a special intelligence school. Once in an interview, Mikhail and Elizabeth were asked how many countries they had visited during the years of their work, then Mikhail referred to forgetfulness, and Elizabeth answered: more than 40 countries.  At the end of 1970 1990s, the illegal spouses returned to the USSR and began to train a new generation of residents. And since she was fond of radio work from her youth, they began to train her to work as a radio operator. Subsequently, the knowledge about the method of artistic impersonation gained at these lectures was very useful to her. Then Mikhail entered the Leningrad University, where he showed a talent for foreign languages. With the permission of this surviving man, Mikhail appropriated his biography. Teddy bear for Charlie Chaplin At that time, the Americans showed great interest in the Soviet Union. And after a while, Elizabeth began working as the secretary of the Moscow Art Theater Art Council. When the Great Patriotic War began, the center constantly asked what the Japanese would do? Betsy liked to chat withMary Pickfordand Douglas Fairbanks. Betsy and Mike, as Mukaseev was called in America, communicated with many of them. Once I had to help out an illegal intelligence officer, followed by FBI agents. After graduating from the institute in 1937, by order of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks, Mukasey was sent to the school of the Intelligence Directorate of the Red Army. The resident was immediately arrested by FBI agents constantly watching over Soviet citizens. So it was easier for an illegal immigrant to get lost in the crowd. The profession of an intelligence officer does not imply longevity, but he celebrated his centenary and lived for another year after that, dying on August 19, 2008 Language will bring to the States Mikhail Isaakovich was born in the Belarusian village of Zamostye into a Jewish family of hereditary blacksmiths, and began his career in Leningrad, at the Baltic Shipyard. The active work of illegal intelligence officers “Zefir” began. Vice Consul Mikhail Mukasey, with the consent of the Soviet authorities, presented Chaplin with a brown bear cub, which was delivered by a Soviet steamer. He learned the business so well that he soon became a successful businessman in the field. To do this, Mukasey organized a big reception on board the Soviet ship with the participation of Hollywood stars. In addition, she attended lectures by chief director of the theater Mikhail Kedrov. Mukasey arrived in America with his wife and two children – daughter Ella and son Anatoly, who later became a famous Soviet and Russian cameraman. >was a great lover to talk with artists and writers, the content of these conversations often reached Mukasey. The wife of a Soviet resident in the United States had her husband's suit dry-cleaned without checking his pockets, one of which contained a receipt for the agent's receipt of money. As for the FBI, Mikhail correctly calculated: they would not interrogate and check celebrities. In 1955, Mukasey leaves for illegal intelligence work in Switzerland under the guise of a fur sales consultant. Two years later, Elizabeth came to her husband. Upon meeting, he immediately admitted that he loves Soviet people, and women – first of all… My Misha Chaplin always offered vodka, and he almost never refused. His faithful companion and assistant Lieutenant Colonel Elizaveta Mukasey also had a lot of them.