Sean Paul To Upcoming Dancehall Acts “Work Hard Be Unique”

Without their support, I couldn’t be here. When asked about his formula for success for young acts, he said hard work, follow your heart and be unique. But that debate is for another time. “Just follow your heart and that’s what art is really about,” he said. I’m very proud of the way that I’ve performed and that I’m able to present our music to a wider audience, and 26 million sales represent to me dedication over the years. It means also fans’ involvement. The achievement makes Sean Paul only one of six Jamaican artists to get platinum status in the United States. I just have to big dem up.”
Sean Paul is one of the most commercially successful dancehall artists out of Jamaica ever, and some international publications even call him the king of dancehall. “It’s about following your heart and creating beautiful things that maybe other people didn’t see or think of before. In the meantime, let’s congratulate Dutty Paul on his phenomenal achievement, for a job well done, and for representing dancehall and Jamaican music culture at the highest level. Additionally, he also received platinum plaques for his dancehall classics “Get Busy,” “We Be Burning,” and “Temperature” which was certified three times platinum. Sean Paul has sold over 26 million records in the United States and just recently the dancehall star was award with a plaque from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for the achievement. A lot of Jamaican dancehall fans will disagree, but if we should base the kingship solely on international impact and music sales, then SP would easily sit on the thrown.