Set To Stun – Walk Tall Lyrics

Ha! IT MAKES ME f**kING SICK! I’m begging for a way to wipe the slate clean
But if I’m bound to burn in hell,
You’re coming with me
Women! It’s taken every ounce of strength I’ve got to hold my head up
and face the devil in the mirror every day
It’s getting worse (it’s getting worse)
This fever’s overcome my body
And my face is dripping wet
with the blood of the damned
Beauty is only skin-deep so naturally I’d skin the bitch alive
So we can see what’s underneath this falsified anatomy
Your perfect teeth, what the perfect disguise
To glorify all the lies and bullshit seeping out the sides
Let’s go! I’m begging for a way to wipe the slate clean
But if I’m bound to burn in hell
You’re coming with me
You can’t f**king save me
So save your f**king breath! (Woah-oh-oh-oh)
So raise your hands so I can see em
Raise em like you just don’t need em
Raise em like you’re under a spell
Now raise em like you’re raising hell! And now that you know your f**king alphabet. Seems like these days have been numbered
Etched in our blood and our bones
If we keep fighting each other we’ll end up all on our own
Where were you
When they broke through our defenses and left our family defenseless
Relentlessly in pursuit of our glory and our heart
Let me guess this is the part where you tell everyone it wasn’t your fault
Here let me carry that cross for ya
While you bang in the nails! AND EVERYTHING THAT YOU STAND FOR! It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll
Will they remember? Blah! “To my unborn son, I’ll see you in heaven when all has been said and done
And lord above, please forgive my love for he knows not what he has done”
So tell me, where did we go wrong? Ha! Death
But I don’t give a shit! You’re all the f**king same! I’ve held my tongue so long I’m starting to f**king choke
I’ve set my sights so high my eyes are in the back of my skull
Cause lord knows! YOU SICK DECEIVING BITCH! So raise your hands so I can see em
Raise em like you just don’t need em
Raise em like you’re under a spell
Now raise em like you’re raising hell! (Remember, remember)
All the wrong I’ve done
Destiny guide me through fear and through death Cause this f**king rooms become my hell
and these god damn walls keep calling me out
So I’ll tear em down till nothing’s left
And I’ll keep on singing till I’m out of breath
Because even if I didn’t have a microphone
Well I’d still be screaming all on my own
And I’ll keep screaming till the music’s gone
Even if it takes all god damn night long! I HOPE YOU f**kING BURN IN HELL! Cause if you don’t know,
I don’t give a f**k! And when did the world start to turn? Necromancer take me back to where it all began
How can we hope to save the future without confronting our past? LET’S GO! (You’re not gonna get too far
Pretending something you’re not
Stay true to who you are
Cause each other’s all we’ve got)
Blah. BLAH! Ha! f**k THE WORLD! We’ve got her now boys,
There’s nowhere left to run
What you call necromancing
I call retribution
OH HA HA HA HA! I hear them under their breath
All the neighbors call me Mr. sing with me. God himself in all his glory couldn’t hold me back from where I right belong
Buried at my brother’s side and screaming till the day I die
“Follow your heart and you can never go wrong”
But I can’t watch you walk away
Misbehaving, playing games with another man
Cause I’d rather put you in your grave
Than watch you walk with him hand-in-hand
Now careful baby cause you might get cut
Better tell your man to keep his f**king mouth shut
I don’t quite think he knows exactly how the story goes
And if he wants a piece of my heart I’ll take a piece of his throat! So hit the f**king road and make with the pavement
Cause soon you’ll be begging me to put an end to your suffering’
Cause SUFFERING’s spelled L-O-V-E
and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree
Cause MISERY doesn’t start with an M,
It’s spelled D-A-M-I-E-N! But as long as I’ve got your attention
I should probably mention
I’ve got a few confessions or skeletons in my closet
Y’see I killed a man, just to watch him die
And I killed a woman cause I fantasized
about it every day, in every which way
would somebody just please come take me away
Cause I’m sick (sick) and I’m only getting worse
Hit her with a bat just to watch her hurt
And as I casually filled up her mouth with dirt
I could hear her say “I hate you”
Well baby join the f**kin’ club! YEAH! I’m going kill you slow
Wanna watch the light leave your eyes
And boy you’re walking pretty tall for a man your size
They told me I was given a gift
but this lonely gift is called loneliness
And this heart of gold filled with emptiness
Is hopelessly worthless
Cause all I wanna do is help everyone else
But I never quite learned how to help myself
Is it any wonder that I can’t fight this constant urge to kill? SET TO STUNWalk Tall Lyrics
All the kids down the street
They’re f**king laughing at me