“Sevmash” announced the process of building a submarine – the carrier of “Poseidons”

These are the missile cruisers “Yuri Dolgoruky”, “Alexander Nevsky”. General Director of the plant “Sevmash” (Severodvinsk) Mikhail Budnichenko said that the construction of the Belgorod nuclear submarine, the carrier of Poseidon marine drones, is at the final stage, RIA Novosti reports. Now the Russian Navy has four Borey-class strategic nuclear missile carriers. We are talking about nuclear missile cruisers “Prince Oleg” and “Novosibirsk”. The multi-purpose nuclear submarine “Belgorod” launched in April 2019 at Sevmash. and “Vladimir Monomakh”, as well as one nuclear-powered ship of the modernized project “Borey-A” — «Prince Vladimir». Hard work is going on in the workshops of the enterprise: two lines of ships of the Borey-A projects are on the stocks; and “Ash-M”, as well as the nuclear submarine “Khabarovsk”, — he said. “At the final stage — Nuclear submarine “Belgorod”. Recall, on December 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin took part in the ceremony of accepting two cruisers into the Navy of the Russian Federation. Истoчник aif.ru