Share the love – Stephen Sharer lyrics

Otter repped it up with the share the love merch. Share the love around the world. Lyrics Stephen Sharer – Share the love
What is up sharers and welcome to the vlog. Share the love. Today we’re gonna hit you with a brand new song. Exploring & playing, just like you. Hit a million, that’s what we do. Jumping off of jet skis with a back flip. You gotta be brave to take that risk. Started the vlog game ’cause we knew we could. Swimmin’ up now, just to take a breath. Orbeez waterfall all over me. Epic hoverboard with the massive wheels. Stephen Sharer lyrics
Video love Come & join the Sharer Fam crew. Soda, which was the winner. Sittin’ at the top, afraid I might miss. Share the loveee. We can share the loveee. Share the love around the world. Carter stepped it up with the rocket nerf. Built from scratch, we had no clue. Lime green lambo with the under glow. Nerf vs. Doing black flips like Roman Atwood. Know you know, we’re the Sharer bros.
We can share the love. Let’s dump them, 1, 2, 3. Let’s get the beat started, you can follow along. Join the Sharer Fam, let’s hit 2. Flying high, got the weightless feel,
Land in the water, feels so unreal. We modded Nerf guns to make them stronger. Orbeez waterfall lambo fidget spinner. Hit a million yeah, we Sharer Fam strong.(share the love)
First started vlogging with my brother Carter. All these stunts, yeah, you know the rest. Went to Mickey D’s, to hydro dip. Now we’re here, with a million views. Always snackin’, I don’t eat meals.