Shnurov told what he wanted to ask Putin at a press conference

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova The famous Russian musician and general producer of the RTVI TV channel Sergey Shnurov told about what he wanted to ask Russian President Vladimir Putin on today's press conference at the “Manezh”. The chances are assessed immediately as 507/1,” he said. Note that the turn of the founder of the Leningrad group did not reach. Maybe repeat? “This is a working situation. The press service of the RTVI channel reported that Sergei Shnurov's question to the head of state was: “You began your rule with a broad amnesty. Sobchak, Shnurov, Guberniev and national costumes: behind the scenes at Putin's press conference See the related photo gallery Истoчник “. Shnurov added that he was not upset that he could not ask Putin a question.