Shoigu announced the development of the US scenario of a nuclear strike on Russia

According to the Financial Times, countries & mdash; US allies, including Britain, France, Germany, Australia and Japan, are calling on American leader Joe Biden not to change current nuclear policy, as this “ could undermine the Russia-China-focused containment strategy. Wei Fenghe, in turn, noted that the United States is taking the same aggressive military actions against China as against Russia. Against this background, Moscow and Beijing agreed to increase interaction between the armed forces of the two countries along the line strategic military exercises and joint patrols. Speaking about the eastern direction, Shoigu noted that in 2020 the strategic aviation of the US Air Force performed 22 flights over the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, while in 2019 & mdash; only three. Shoigu stressed that in November, as part of the US strategic forces' Global Thunder exercise, ten US strategic bombers were practicing the scenario of delivering nuclear strikes against Russia simultaneously from the western and eastern directions. He said that such actions pose a threat to China. '' Subscribe to YouTube RBK Live broadcasts, videos and recordings of programs on our YouTube channel Истoчник Video “ ; Over the past month, there were about 30 flights to the borders of Russia, which is 2.5 times more than in the corresponding period last year, '', & mdash; he noted. In November, The Washington Post reported that the US administration intends to determine whether it is worth changing the current nuclear doctrine to the principle of not being the first to use this type of weapon. The Minister specified that the minimum distance from the Russian state border was 20 km. In November, ten US strategic bombers practiced the use of nuclear weapons against Russia from both the western and eastern directions, the minister specified Sergei Shoigu Near the Russian state border, the activity of the US strategic bomber aviation has significantly increased, said Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu during talks with Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe, Interfax reports. He stressed that both states are jointly opposing the “ hegemony by the United States, '' the “ fake American democratic regime, '' the agency reports.