Shuba – Don’t stop feat. Max Wells

Talk, talk, talk to me they just wanna see some
But when you need some, everybody leave ya
I got a few down for me in this scene bruh
Any else prolly turn it to a scene yuh
I got Weed nugs
All up in my seat I don’t need lungs
We spun
Every single try & til weeks up
I just can’t stop got no time
Can barely get a mother fucking break up on my mind
Get a break up on my mind

[Beat drops]
Don’t stop! [Electronic music]

I’ve been good to close like I’m lookin thru the gates
I just wanna shine everybody in my way
Always on my grind when I wake up everyday
Seen a check multiply, now we’re really gettin paid
Now we’re really gettin paid
I can’t fall back, I just need to breathe
Low-key, when I pull up you don’t see me leave
Automatic, trap right out of the addict
Half ya salary to bundle underneath my mattress
[Beat drops]
Don’t stop!