Soulja Boy faces lawsuit for allegedly beating pregnant ex-girlfriend into miscarriage

The unnamed woman also made reference to other violent attacks carried out by the rapper. View this post on Instagram

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Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window) The SODMG rapper is being sued by an alleged ex-girlfriend who claims she suffered a miscarriage after she was badly beaten by the rapper. Soulja Boy, whose real name is DeAndre Cortez Way, has had several legal issues over the years, from firearm possession to violating his probation to assaulting a former assistant. The yearly attacks continued in 2019 when Soulja threatened her life as he “tightly gripped” her neck and choked her. Another incident in 2018 allegedly occurred while the rapper was filming a reality TV series. She explains that after falling to the ground due to the impact of his attack, she curled her body to protect her stomach and the child she was carrying while covering her head with her hands. The incident was so severe that the rapper’s security guard had to step in to put an end to the beatdown. What made her cup overflow was the alleged loss of her child in 2015 by the hands of her former lover. This took place after she refused his efforts to revitalize the relationship following her decision to move out of the home she shared with the rapper. She says this incident, which was another conversation that turned violent, was caught on the night vision camera. The woman claims that Soulja Boy became violent and irate and began punching her in the face and chest until she could not manage to stand. Soulja Boy steps out with new mystery girlfriend amid a sexual assault lawsuit filed by his ex. The anonymous ex-girlfriend is reportedly claiming that she was a victim of domestic violence for years during her relationship with the “Crank That” rapper. He also shared this photo of himself with a mystery female before quickly deleting it. She claims that in 2017, Soulja went into another violent rage because he thought she was leaving him. These incidents were amplified by the numerous threats the rapper dished out if there was any refusal to have sex. The lawsuit was filed under the pseudonym Jane Doe, as the woman did not wish to reveal her identity. The incident, which was aired on the WeTV network in early 2019, documents the rapper yelling at her during the attack. During that incident, she received blows to her face and her breasts. Soulja Boy has since responded in some tweets he has since deleted. The assistant had claimed that Soulja Boy was repeatedly abusive, which the rapper denied. Soulja allegedly continued his abuse by kicking her all over her body and in her stomach, after which she suffered a miscarriage. The woman is now reportedly suing for assault, gender violence, sexual battery, and more.