State Department urged Russia to withdraw troops from border with Ukraine

At the same time, the authorities are doing everything to “ budge '' the peace process, he said, and recalled the Normandy format talks. He once again noted that Russia was speaking mediator in the settlement of the conflict in Donbass. Follow RBK's Twitter Get the news faster than anyone Истoчник Nikolenko called on Russia to focus on ceasefire agreements so that residents on both sides of the contact line live in peace. The State Department reminded Russia of fulfilling its obligations under the Minsk agreement on the withdrawal of weapons from the contact line. On December 23, during a press conference, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that a new military operation was being prepared in Ukraine, while the Russian side was urged not to intervene, despite the security threats. In response to Putin's statement, the representative of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, Oleg Nikolenko, said that Ukraine was not preparing a military operation in Donbass. “ We continue to urge the Russian government & lt; … & gt; withdraw the forces it has accumulated along the borders of Ukraine and put an end to its aggressive and threatening rhetoric, '' & mdash; the statement reads. This came after the OSCE declared the resolve of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the “ Russian-led forces in the east '' countries to comply with the measures of the ceasefire agreement of July 22, 2020. This is not in the Minsk agreements '', & mdash; said the president. & laquo; Russia & mdash; mediator, and they want to make us a party to the conflict. The US State Department called on Russia to abandon threats and withdraw troops from the border with Ukraine The US State Department called on the Russian authorities to withdraw forces concentrated along the border with Ukraine, follows from the statement welcoming the ceasefire in Donbass, published on website of the State Department.