Statistics on the drop in US arms exports were criticized

It is very interesting when weapons are produced in cooperation. Is there such a threat? Every year he prepares a report on global arms sales. But there are peace-loving scientists who are not interested in the financial component, but in the impact of arms exports on international security. Истoчник – There are three arms export programs in the United States. They may end up with a Chinese cheap tank and an expensive American tank costing the same, because they put pressure on people at demonstrations in about the same way. The second – Foreign Military Sales (FMS) – is when, as it were, the US government buys weapons from its manufacturers and, as it were, transfers to some allies. The drop in arms sales was $ 37 billion, or 21%, compared to the previous year. It is believed that the United States is much ahead of Russia in this indicator, which still holds the second place in the world in the export of military products. Therefore, the USA, Germany and, in part, the UK are trying to underestimate the statistics on arms sales. “MK” asked the director of CAST Ruslan Pukhov to comment on the news. If American military exports have indeed fallen so severely, then the US military-industrial complex has missed out on significant profits. < p> And there is a third program – Excess Defense Articles (EDA) – this is the sale of decommissioned weapons. That is, as they say, the average temperature in a hospital. Agree, it's hard to say. How is all this taken into account? The Americans are making a missile defense system together with the Japanese. – I think not. Therefore, you need to understand that they consider, roughly speaking, the amount of equipment supplied, and in monetary terms, their data is far from the truth. So, more or less correct statistics are available only for the FMS program. Moreover, the State Department issued a license to the Boeing company, and whether it sold or not sold is no longer taken into account. Photo: < p>Actually, the United States is the main arms dealer in the world. This was reported by TASS with reference to the data of the US State Department. And the dollars they count in are not money dollars. The influential US military-industrial lobby may well provoke a “small victorious war” in the world so that the profits from the sale of weapons do not fall. Therefore, the statistics on arms exports is very crafty. “Arms sales accounting is a very sly thing” The United States reduced arms exports to $ 138 billion by the end of fiscal year 2021. But this is not done by outright lies. They just don't keep the statistics right. The latter supply them with something. The first – Direct Commercial Sales (DCS) – is, roughly speaking, when countries buy products of the military-industrial complex directly from the manufacturer. Ruslan Pukhov, director of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies (CAST), expressed doubts about the reliability of these data. And the military-industrial complex does not like this. More expensive, but no political restrictions. Kidding. – Here is the Stockholm Peace Research Institute – SIPRI, which we all like to refer to. The point is that the sale of arms is a double-edged thing.