“Strana.ua”: the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine confirmed the supply of cocaine to Zelensky

As noted in the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, police officers began to look for evidence of Zelensky's drug use even during the election campaign. The man said that he had become a deputy minister for three years and he was sad that the police did not know him by sight. And here is & nbsp; edition & quot; Strana.ua & quot; with reference to sources in the power structures of Ukraine, allegedly confirmed these rumors. Interestingly, it may be exactly the one who gave the order for working off. During this time, he demanded to remove him from his post. It is also reported that Tishchenko bought marijuana separately. At the same time, it is argued that the president's close friend and people's deputy from the Servant of the People Mykola Tishchenko allegedly regularly supplies the President of Ukraine and his entourage with cocaine. The development was classified as “secret.” “The results were obtained quickly & mdash; & nbsp; yes, the facts were confirmed, & quot ;, & mdash; & nbsp; noted the source of the publication in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Истoчник www.mk.ru All the materials of the case allegedly went upstairs and did not result in any criminal cases. Later, he even tried to start a fight. The policeman demanded to stop, but the car drove several meters ahead. Another source in the police noted that Zelensky could have been supplied with prohibited substances by the disgraced Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Alexander Gogilashvili. Tishchenko himself, commenting on information about Zelensky's addictions, called it a joke or a New Year's rally. However, there was no further development of the investigation. To document the facts of delivery and use, employees from several departments were involved. Photo: Still from video Political opponents of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy have repeatedly stated that the politician and his entourage allegedly love drug use. Interestingly, earlier in December, the online edition Blogpost; published a video in which, presumably, Gogilashvili is trying to enter the ATO zone. After the appearance of this record, Interior Minister Denis Monastyrsky initiated a check on Gogilashvili. So, during the “ working off outdoor '' several purchases of this drug by Tishchenko were recorded. He was listed as a defendant in the sale of methadone, but when Zelensky came to power, everyone forgot about him. It was established that these purchases took place before his meetings with Zelensky, on the eve of holidays and friendly meetings in the president's country residences. As a result, the publication notes that now the incriminating evidence on the Ukrainian leader and his drug suppliers may wait in the wings. Then one of the passengers got out of the car and began to obscenely threaten the guards.