Summrs – Psalms Lyrics (feat. YP4AM)

I treat her like shit and she think she my bitch (Chapo)
Some of my niggas addicts can’t help it
Don’t buy her shit and she think I’m selfish
Used to be down bad and now I’m wealthy
Put the bullshit behind me now I’m lit
Did it myself no one can say I asked them for shit
Cut a nigga off quicker than I cut a bitch off
And I ain’t tryna be a real nigga just to impress y’all
You’ll get killed puttin’ your trust into that hoe
Started with a deuce now I barely get high up off a four
Mama said I’ll be great gotta keep my foot on these niggas necks
If they try to cancel you out you just gotta put the bullshit to rest
And I’m glad I’m in the coupe Ion got no room for these f*ck niggas
You my brother you got smoke with a nigga then shit ill buss witcha
When I was nineteen on everything I love I seen over six figures
When I’m down bad granny tell me everything straight ’cause god witcha
And I ain’t no rap nigga I write scriptions (Chapo)
Illustrator nigga I paint the picture
And his diamonds fake my shit official
And I ain’t no p*ssy boy you can get your issue
Shitted on them so much ran out of tissue
Preechin to them boys like I’m a f*ckin’ bishop
And I don’t worry about that f*ck shit tell my niggas get ’em