Summrs – Rino Shuffle Lyrics (feat. YP4AM)

Yea, yea, yea, yea
Uh-huh, yea
Brrr, woah
She treat me like a goat, but I treat her like a bitch
Treat the mic like therapy, cause I speak into that shit
We just scored on a whole PT, i'm geeked up like a bitch
You can see it in my eyes, i'm really off that shit
I'm high as f*ck, ion remember shit, from last night
I still pray to god cause I know I ain't living right
Keep Pee by my side cause I know he gon' blow that pipe
Yea, i'm twenty years old and I already done bought a f*ckin' house
They call me a goat, i'm just tryna see what the hype about
Oh he hit that boy, I told you my nigga like Eddie House
Woke up, dropped 5 racks in Louis Vuitton
Next day dropped 10 racks, Saint Laurent
All my niggas poured up, we just having fun
Draco gon' eat the nigga like a Dunkaroo
Came in this bitch with some apes, like we in a f*ckin' zoo
Playin' my life like chess bitch go on make your move
In the Vette with lil Wick goin' 200 dude
She suck the dick with no hands, man she too improved
Hittin' my money dance while i'm sippin' juice
Rap not workin' out you need to stay in school
My Glock stay hangin' out up in public dude
We can still get this bitch lit like a lighter
Drivin' up in the 488 Spider
I f*cked that bitch but you know I ain't finna wife her
Drivin' that hellcat like a f*ckin' biker
Diamonds bite, better get back before they bite ya
Dirty in my system bitch you know i'm high yuh
Talkin' in the f*ckin' mic like a f*ckin' cypher
Locked in with this drank we for lifers