Swaco Tha Illest – Let It Go Lyrics

Are you taken? Baby please don’t be so complacent
I see adventures if we make it
Through the night
Through the light
Baby tell what’s the limit what’s the height
Lemme know if I am yo type
Just know I’m better than the hype
Closer (closer)
Bring your body to me
Listen to the music
And exchange energy
Focus (focus)
Follow your dreams
Don’t leave the path
That lead you to me
I know you want to
Don’t try to doubt it
If you want you want
Show me you really bout it
Please (please)
Don’t let your decision get clouded
Just tell me what you wanna do
Baby this is up to you
Lose your mind now
Let it all go
Dance to the music
Yea it’s fast and it’s slow
Take our time now
Lose your control
Love just feel the music
And let it all flow x2
Let it flow love
Like a river
Type a nigga
To make ya body shiver
I’m just trynna exchange
Just like I’m Tiller
See I’m good when I beat
No J dilla
I’m just trynna get yo soul out ya body
And I’m trynna find out all ya hobbies
Tell me do even really like to party? Do you like jays? Can you face em? You just here for your friends probably
Are you single?