Tabby – Rufus (White Trash Album)


[Verse 2: Tabby]
Did not intend offense
Just pent up, pardon me
Sickened by all of these
Misfits’ anthologies
On disc & spotify
Buzz caught
I’m swatting flies, just missed
They’re taunting me
Pissed off in poverty
Pissed on my dollar jeans
Piss drunk. Perk in fur
When pest pinch. Hors d’oeuvres
Expensive turds. Instead
Decree a halt to next emcees
Walking jock in palm for blessings
Beast stepping down
Paws treading as domestic breed
Lesson: keep testing self
To best your enemy
You see, after countless rappers went to Rufus for his blessing, only to later abuse them, he was surprised to find that this one simply desired guidance rather than fame and power. So burn
Incense & myrrh. And upon entering, he soon found himself face to face with a giant mystical beast sleeping in his lair. The squalor yield
Results for Ponzi Schemes
I’ll feed apocalypse
Sausage and omelettes
Before I call it quits
Slip monarch gauntlets on fists
Since God giving power trips outlets
Spark dipped from partnership
Betwixt parliament. Perturbed
Incessant slurs insert
In sections served. A mystical beat taking the form of a fuckin’ house cat. Believe that shit? Not worth
A second, squirt. See, this dumb motherfucker decided to wake the motherfucker up
[Verse 1: Rufus]
Slumber disturbed. Purr to blur
My reverence. Litter
Cement with cursed dirt
Respect your work? [Intro: BIGQUINT]
I suppose you’d like to know how Tabby got his name, wouldn’t you? Honestly
Parted to ponder with
Mystical monoliths
[Verse 3: Rufus]
For centuries
Command V’s been telling me
The prowess in their pedigree
Scoff when promises
Pocket dialing greed presently
Yet, exception breathes
Monologue rich in remedy
One that causing demi
Switch in sending thee
To swim in Styx. So squirm
Let leopard curl unstirred
Or bed is hearse, you heard? But this here was baring the reminder that not all rivals are on the outside; most are from within Most would think little Rufus here was adopted from Tabby’s local shelter; you’d be wrong. From murk
Insects with words dispersed
Exodus verse inferred
Pestilence. Meow. Now you would think he would say to himself, "nah, fuck this shit, I’m out," dip the other direction, but nah, not good old Tabby. Rufus bestowed upon him the name Tabby, and decided to accompany him on his journey by taking the form of a simple house cat. I don’t really fuck with cats, but, Rufus, I like you. Well it all started with a small orange cat named Rufus. Turn to scourge
And sever worms. And on this path, he became inexplicably drawn to a mysterious cavernous opening–or cave, for you simple motherfuckers. See, motherfucker, this man went on a long, spiritual journey to find his purpose. Yeah, you.