“The army has implemented Putin’s instructions on psychological pressure on NATO”

'' Military Messaging Service & mdash; VOCO & mdash; as if she did not specifically close the data on the military echelons. They are afraid of war with Russia, and, most likely, they will give the command to Kiev so that it does not get involved in adventures in the Donbass. Said & mdash; made. As a result, it will end very badly, and here it is not in Ukraine, but in principle. – And so that the defeat in Vietnam and Afghanistan seemed to them for happiness. This means only one thing: no preparation “ for an attack on Ukraine '' was not and no. Analyzing Western images from space with Russian military equipment, a well-known military expert, editor-in-chief of the Arsenal of the Fatherland magazine Viktor Murakhovsky immediately saw the catch. '' Истoчник www.mk.ru The vehicles of armored groups, writes Murakhovsky, “are like on parade grounds.” When they are preparing to launch a surprise attack and want to secretly concentrate equipment for the offensive, they do exactly the opposite. The tension among Western partners is off the charts. But that's already their problem. You shouldn't talk to Russians like that. And now it becomes clear how this was achieved. The audience was impressed and suffers qualitatively in hysterics. '' So, the task set by the Supreme Commander has been solved. Photo: Still from video As a result, as Murakhovsky notes, we have “ not a covert occupation of the initial, wait-and-see, positional areas, with the use of all engineering support measures, electronic warfare (electronic warfare – MK), camouflage and disinformation (disinformation), but a military striptease ''. Experts assessed information from US intelligence about Russia's readiness to attack Ukraine US intelligence has raised a huge wave of information in the West in recent weeks, claiming that Russia has amassed large forces on the border with Ukraine and preparing to attack. '' “ In this regard, '' Putin said, “ … We need to keep this state for them as long as possible, so that it does not occur to them to arrange for us on our western frontiers some kind of conflict we do not need, and we don’t need & raquo ;. Photo: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation President Putin on November 18 at an expanded meeting of the Foreign Ministry collegium, speaking about the desire of Kiev to solve the problem of Donbass by force and the West's unwillingness to pull up the junior partner, noted one thing: Russian warnings “ still make themselves felt and produce a certain effect: a certain tension nevertheless arose there. American intelligence must greatly underestimate the level of preparation of the Russian army for military operations in order to buy so cheaply. They did it openly, without using any camouflage methods. “ They did everything to ensure that nothing remained of any Ukrainian state in its current format, '' he wrote in his Telegram channel Armageddonnych. And apparently, it never occurred to anyone in the West that all this technique was … specially exhibited. As they say, counting “ for a fool. “ I won’t be surprised, ”Murakhovsky continues,“ if the radio networks are pumping in plain text about 'boxes, pencils' etc. Which, in fact, was required. Rather, demonstrative placement in compact temporary deployment points, '' he wrote in his Telegram channel. As evidence, images from space are given, which show huge areas filled with military equipment. Tension in the West is now rare, almost hysterical. “ There is no offensive configuration and not close. Although, for example, political analyst Yevgeny Satanovsky believes that the West should have thought about Kiev's behavior earlier. Not worth it at all. Equipment from the nearest military units was specially brought to large sites. Actually, the Afghan flight has already shown what the notorious “ American intelligence data '' are worth. Well, well done, what can I say.