The buoyant person will not lose. Results of the competition “My program for active aging”

We invited our readers to share their secrets of active aging. Anyone can get acquainted with the participants, feed on their energy and take something from their experience for themselves even after the completion of the project by looking at the website: or by watching the YouTube channel “ My Program for Active Aging '' ;. After all, these people today & ndash; guardians of our traditions. Vyacheslav Ivanovich worked as an engineer all his life, but after retiring, he decided to turn his musical dream into life. * & nbsp; * & nbsp; * The large stream of applications not only inspired us, but also suggested the idea of ​​making a friendly “ competition '' people of silver age are permanent. During his school years, he made a guitar himself to play songs of the famous “ Beatles '' with friends. He plays and sings with his grandchildren and is glad that all the other family members are happy to become spectators. ” Now Novozhilov arranges musical evenings for the whole family at the dacha. “ Pension & ndash; a magical time to make a youthful dream come true '', & ndash; he counted and decided to take up the music that he loved since childhood. During the period & shy & quot; competition & quot; we received 1,323 applications. “Believe me, it's worth a lot,” confident new saxophonist. And we were on the same wavelength with them and felt interested in our endeavor – everyone wanted to share the experience of their healthy life in all respects. The mail brought voluminous envelopes with handwritten stories and parcels of participants from 55 to 99 years old, they also sent stories by e-mail, as well as videos & shy; plots. Maryan & shy; sky, Krasnodar Territory Makhlukha Hasanova, 69 years old, Smolensk Nina Borozdina, 79 years old, Cherepovets, Vologda region. Podlesnoe, Ulyanovsk region. Tamara Filippova, 81 years old, art. Petersburg Alexander Veretnov, 94 years old, Krasnoyarsk Sergey Prokhorov, 70 years old, Bolshoi Kamen, Primorsky Krai Sergey Zhabotinsky, 58 years old, Rostov-on-Don Valery Zemlyanov, 86 years old, Verkhnyaya Pysh & shy; ma, Sverdlovsk region Anna Efanova, 59 years old, Chelyabinsk Olga Kazakova, 70 years old, Ulyanovsk region Alexander Kalugin, 77 years old, Biysk, Altai Territory Yuri Alekseev, 89 years old, Vladivostok Georgy Fomiryakov, 64 years old, der. Valery and Tatyana Mikhaleva, 75 years old, Perm Tamara Grechishnikova, 69 years old, Bryansk Elena Bogdanova, 62 years old, Eagle Valentin Efimychev, 91 years old, Nizhny Novgorod Alexander Markov, 64 years old, pos. Competition “ My Story of Active Longevity '' is a clear confirmation of these conclusions. Why there are fewer fish, birds and animals 24/11/2021 Plot National projects So the competition has come to the final line, which “ AiF '' conducted together with the national project “ Demography ''. Nina Chernykh, 81 years old, Syktyvkar Natalia Savelyeva, 71 years old, St. Valentina Bykova, 81 years old, Yaroslavl Natalya Lisina, 60 years old, Ryazan Alexandra Arkhipova, 67 years old, Vladimir < br /> Marina Krylova, 61 years old, Kostroma Albert Ivanov, 77 years old, Udmurtia Dina Chekalenko, 74 years old, Syktyvkar Anna Root, 72 years old, Omsk Mikhail Kopylov, 78 years old, p. He also always liked the saxophone, however, there was no time to learn to play this amazing instrument, and it was not cheap. Zhatay, Yakutia Andrey Stepanov, 91 years old, Kanash, Chuvashia Shirvani Chalaev, 84 years old, Makhachkala Abdula Gadzhiev, 87 years old, Buinaksk, Dagestan Renad Zhdanov, 77 years old, Kazan Galina Zorina, 75 years old, Moscow Daria Latysheva, 76 years old, Yekaterinburg Tatyana Dubrovskaya, 80 years old, Stavropol Yuri Zvyagintsev, 67 years old, Alushta, Republic of Crimea Истoчник Valentina Lantseva, 74 years old, Moscow Lyubov Potapova, 79 years old, Lytkarino, Moscow region. Keepers of Traditions In fact, a competition in the usual sense of our venture can only be called conditionally: there are no and cannot be losers, because all participants & ndash; lovers of life and their lives live actively, meaningfully, for the benefit of themselves, their loved ones and others. 47. & ndash; I haven’t learned to play the saxophone anywhere, I don’t know musical notation, but music so cheers up, helps to enjoy life that you always feel young. Weekly “Argumenty i Fakty” No. Albina Nosikova, 82 years old, Chernyakhovsk, Kaliningrad region. '' Another 70 participants (or rather & ndash; 72, because there are 2 married couples among them), whose stories were noted by the jury members as particularly interesting, useful and informative, will receive incentive prizes & ndash; walking sticks and & shy; fitness bracelets. From the letters that came to the editorial office of AiF, you can compose a whole book of recipes for a happy life. “ We did not expect to receive a response from so many initiative and caring people who lead a healthy lifestyle, are ready to share their invaluable experience and give the warmth of their hearts to others, & ndash; says the head of the auto & shy; nominal non-profit organization National Priorities Sofia Malyavina … & ndash; This competition is unique and unmatched. Armizonskoe, Tyumen region Vera Dyubanova, 61 years old, Noyabrsk, & nbsp; Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug Vera Onistratenko, 65 years old, Orenburg Lyudmila Dulina, 75 years old, Syktyvkar Yuri Gerasimov, 74 years, St. Proskokovo, & nbsp; Kemerovo region. & ndash; When you retire, don't be afraid to make your dreams come true. You will definitely succeed, and life will sparkle with new colors. Chiganary, Chuvashia Alexey Lazebny, 71 years old, Belgorod region. Valentina Mochalova, 84 years old, Arkhangelsk Boris Chistyakov, 86 years old, Luga, Lenin & shy; city region Nikolay and Lydia Larionov, 86 years old, p. Competitors awarded with prizes 70 participants in the competition “ My Active Aging Program '' by the decision of the jury were awarded valuable gifts & ndash; fitness bracelets and Nordic walking poles. It was 68-year-old Vyacheslav Novozhilov from Tarusa, Kaluga Region, having received a ticket for two to the Fortress sanatorium. Here are their names. Therefore, we will continue to publish stories of active longevity on our sites. Kalinovka, Dagestan Sergey Belov, 72 years old, Moscow Nadezhda Rusak, 89 years old, Rostov-on-Don Boris Muravyov, 92 years old, Temryuk, Krasno & shy; Dar region Sayhat Mugu, 90 years old, Adygeisk, Adygea Valery Galkin, 69 years old, Alexandrov, Vladimir region. '' Dreams come true & nbsp; retired So, no one lost & ndash; it is simply unrealistic if you are 55+ walrus, climb the mountains, act in films, stubbornly engage in physical education and sports, dance Latin, write poetry and prose, become the best model in the region, or give odds to the whole family on the backyard. Nina Chernikova, 73 years old, p. Another interesting finding of this study is that exercise increases the level of happiness. Marina Eliseeva, 59 years old, Engels, Saratov region. We recently conducted an Internet survey among Russians over 18 about the development of mass sports in Russia. It turned out that the most active group of people who are more likely to engage in physical education and sports are those who are over 55. “ I'm self-taught, & ndash; he admits. And already published stories will remain on the project website. Immediately after the start, a stream of positive energy and interesting stories from various parts of the country poured into the editorial office & ndash; from Moscow to the most remote villages. And today we are summing up the results of the marathon of health and positive mood. Alexander Romashchev, 65 years old, Megion, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug Zoya Marynich, 96 years old, Stavropol Guzel Fedorova, 60 years old, Cheboksary Anatoly Dresvyankin, 86 years old, Yekaterinburg Valery Polyakov, 82 years old, Dolgoprudny, Moscow region. (Kislovodsk) for 14 days with accommodation, 3 meals a day and basic treatment. Elena Madasova , 61 years old, Ulan-Ude Tatyana Arsenyeva, 94 years old, Moscow Svetlana Chernykh, 60 years old, Murmansk Maria Tolkacheva, 82 years old, Moscow Raisa Sarbi, 70 years old, Cheboksary Galina Ivleva, 62 years old, p. Go for it! And yet, according to the terms of the competition, the leader of the marathon had to decide. The more active people are, the more often they answer that they are happy. Petersburg, & ndash; about a 93-year-old mother who survived the blockade Viktor Eliseev, 65 years old, p. Glinskoe, Sverd & shy; lovskaya region. Svetlana Antonova, 62 years old, Kineshma, Ivanovo region Albina Lyubavina, 80 years old, Sudogda, Vladimir region Svetlana Ayushinova, 79 years old, Kultuk village, & shy; Irkutsk region Tamara Voronina, 80 years old, Belgorod Svetlana Pozdnyakova, 62 years old , Tula region. We are sure that such gifts will definitely come in handy for people with a sports spirit.