The Deputy Minister of Transport was detained after the bankruptcy of the Russian Railways contractor

Since February 2021, Spetstransstroy is in the process of bankruptcy, one of the applicants in this case are the structures of Russian Railways, in particular the Irkutsk Directorate for Capital Repairs and Construction (DKRS) of Russian Railways. Candidate of legal sciences, has the rank of a real state adviser of the first class. Reilyan, a businessman who, as Deputy Minister of Regional Development, oversaw preparations for the 2014 Olympics, acquired the Russian Railways contractor in 2016, and ceased to be the owner of Spetstransstroy ; autumn 2019. In the summer of 2021, President Vladimir Putin instructed to find those responsible for the disruption of the deadlines for the expansion of the BAM and the Trans-Siberian Railway, in the construction of which Reilyan's structures took part. Tokarev has been working in the government since 2006, when he took the position of deputy head of the Federal Agency for Railway Transport. Reilyan was later arrested and sent to Irkutsk for investigation. Earlier, the Telegram channel “Insidious Rut” announced the detention of the Deputy Minister, and last week he warned about the possible resignation of the official, which may be related to the situation around the bankruptcy of LLC “Spetstransstroy”— one of the largest contractors of Russian Railways. Deputy Minister of Transport Vladimir Tokarev was also listed as a participant in the case (in the status of “another person”). According to one of RBC's interlocutors, documents are being seized in the building of the Ministry of Transport. Prior to that, since 2014, according to the official biography posted on the website of the Ministry of Transport, he has held senior positions at JSC RusHydro. Born December 28, 1977 in Belgorod. Until 2019, Reilyan's companies received large contracts from Russian Railways for the construction of the Eastern test site— Baikal-Amur Mainline (BAM) and Trans-Siberian. and 737 million rubles. According to the investigation, the defendant signed the acts of acceptance of the work performed, but in reality they were not made in the required amount and within the specified time. As a source close to law enforcement agencies told RBC, businessman Reilyan was detained at the end of October 2021, he is accused of fraud on an especially large scale. From 2016 to 2018, Tokarev was the first deputy head of Spetstransstroy. According to the statement of the department, from May 2018 to September 2019 between the transport company (Russian Railways) and the contractor (its name is not specified) an agreement was signed for the implementation of a complex of construction and installation works for the construction (reconstruction) of facilities in the northern part of the East Siberian Railway roads (part of the BAM) in the amount of more than 2 billion rubles. The Arbitration Court of the Irkutsk Region satisfied these claims. In May 2021, the Investigative Committee announced the detention of the former head of the Directorate for Capital Repairs and Construction— Irkutsk East Railway JSC “Russian Railways”. According to SPARK, in 2016-2019 Russian Railways concluded with Spetstransstroy and his “daughter” “Transyuzhstroy” contracts for more than 100 billion rubles. “I only know that he also wrote to resign did not appear in the Ministry of Transport until the New Year, & mdash; Tokarev's acquaintance told RBC and confirmed by a former colleague in the ministry. After that, he worked as deputy head of the Ministry of Regional Development and the Ministry of Construction. In November, RBC reported on searches in the structures of the ex-head of the company and former deputy head of the Ministry of Construction, Yuri Reilyan. Tokarev has been working as deputy minister since November 2018, he came to the ministry from Spetstransstroy, where since 2016 he worked as first deputy general director for economics and finance. Awarded with the Order of Friendship. Russian Railways filed several lawsuits against Spetstransstroy: for 826 million rubles. Subscribe to VK RBC Get news faster than anyone else Истoчник Deputy Minister of Transport Vladimir Tokarev was detained after the bankruptcy of the Russian Railways contractor The detention of Deputy Minister Vladimir Tokarev was reported by sources close to the transport industry and his acquaintances Vladimir Tokarev Deputy Minister of Transport Vladimir Tokarev was detained, a source in the transport industry told RBC. for the construction of the Eastern test site. RBC's source in one of the railway operators confirmed this information. RBC sent a request to the Ministry of Transport.