The expert explained the accusations against Yevgeny Muraev as a “witch hunt”

Parliamentary elections were held that same year, but Muraev never received a mandate. “It is more likely to be called anti-Western than pro-Russian” The British Foreign Office accused Russia of trying to form a “pro-Russian government” in Kiev, headed by an ex-deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, an enemy of the president’s godfather RF Evgeny Muraev. Secondly, his party Nashi does not find broad support from the electorate, and it needs to seriously fight to get into parliament. Now he is the leader of the NASHI party, which advocates a non-bloc status of Ukraine and a broad decentralization of power. Moreover, after the announcement of the British, Ukrainian experts receiving money from Bankova began to call on the SBU and other law enforcement agencies to deal with the so-called fifth column,” the expert explained. It also creates the prerequisites for the start of repressions against Muraev and his TV channel. “Like the British intelligence services and the foreign office, this is combined with the fact that Russia allegedly wants to appoint me the head of the “occupation government,” this is a question for Mr. Bean,” he replied to British diplomats. Yevgeny Muraev is a deputy of two convocations of the Verkhovna Rada, was elected in 2012 and 2014. The politician recalled that since 2018 he has been under Russian sanctions, and his family's assets in Russia have been arrested. — Potentially, this could lead to the imposition of sanctions and other restrictions against him by the West. The black-and-white photo shows Muraev himself with a pistol in his hand. Even if we assume that the British intelligence data may turn out to be true, then, according to Ukrainian experts, Moscow would not bet on Muraev. “All this looks like justification for further actions against Muraev’s party and TV channel,” I’m sure director of the Ukrainian Institute of Politics Ruslan Bortnik. Muraev became aware of the upcoming accusations a few hours before the official statement from London. According to experts interviewed by MK, the accusations against Muraev may be related to Kiev's desire to make him a target for right-wing radical groups and have nothing to do with reality – the politician has been under Russian sanctions for four years already. “Russia will face serious consequences if it tries to invade Ukraine and also install a puppet regime,” British Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab threatened on SkyNews. Muraev in Moscow no one meets and does not receive. Indeed, there is no evidence of such high-profile accusations in London, but they insist that the Russian special services are preparing an attack on Ukraine with the assistance of former Ukrainian politicians, including former Prime Minister Mykola Azarov and his deputies Andrei Klyuev and Sergei Arbuzov. The chairman of the board of the Ukrainian Politics Foundation, Konstantin Bondarenko, told MK that there is “no grain of truth” in the accusations of Great Britain, and the whole situation is “absolutely sucked out of thin air.” “This may be a desire to strike at the Opposition Platform – For Life party as the main political force that Russia has previously staked on. Well, the third point is a banal stuffing in order to start a witch hunt in Ukraine. British intelligence reported that he would come to power after Moscow's invasion of Ukraine. Yes, the same Azarov often turned on Muraev’s channel, and, obviously, he has connections with the Russian media and the political environment. In 2019, he ran for the presidency of Ukraine, but withdrew his candidacy in favor of Oleksandr Vilkul. During the reign of Viktor Yanukovych, the politician was appointed chairman of the administration of the Zmiev district in the Kharkiv region and proved to be a successful manager, raising Zmievshchina in the regional rating from 17th to 1st place. He sneered on his Facebook page by posting a collage photo stylized as films about the British special agent James Bond. It can be called anti-Western rather than pro-Russian.” Истoчник But this communication cannot be compared with the contacts that the leaders of the Opposition Platform – For Life have. Photo: Social networks The Russian side, meanwhile, said that the disinformation spread by diplomats is evidence that it is the NATO countries, led by the Anglo-Saxons, who are engaged in the escalation of tension around Ukraine. After the armed operation, the Kremlin will allegedly bring Muraev to power. Before London's statement, Muraev published a photo in the style of James Bond. He also owns the opposition TV channel of the same name. Firstly, the politician has extremely hostile relations with the godfather of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, Viktor Medvedchuk.