The expert identified the pain point of the US missile defense

Photo: According to the Pentagon, the radar will detect and track warheads & nbsp; and ballistic missiles and even satellites in low-earth orbit. They will be able to track enemy missiles flying from the north, but they are completely unprotected from missile attacks from the south. So Russia, unlike the United States, is protected from all missile-hazardous directions. And the shortest distance from us to the USA is & nbsp; across the Arctic Ocean. Two new stations are being built near Murmansk and Vorkuta, and one more is planned to be built in Crimea. US Navy Vice Admiral John Hill called it a “milestone” in defense against the threat of ballistic and hypersonic missiles. – The nearest station to us is located in the Norwegian city of Vardø, 50 km from the border with Russia, – said the expert. At the same time, the expert noted, the Russian missile attack warning system is built on a completely different principle. – Now in Russia there are already tests of a new & nbsp; promising heavy ballistic missile & nbsp; Sarmat, which will replace the RS-20, Gundarov said. The American station in Alaska is no longer able to change the overall picture. Commenting on the appearance in Alaska of a new American station designed to track the launches of Russian and, probably, Chinese missiles, military expert Captain 1st Rank Vladimir Gundarov told MK that the Americans have long, consistently and purposefully created a missile attack warning system (EWS), an element which is the radar in Alaska. The commissioning of the facility is scheduled for 2022. With the introduction of the station in Alaska, the Americans completely covered themselves from the northern direction. Истoчник The Americans were late. They have always believed that if a nuclear missile attack is made on them, it will certainly go through the North Pole. “But it’s not even a matter of distances, but of the ability to provide early warning of a missile attack. There are similar stations in Canada, Greenland, Iceland, the Aleutian and Faroe Islands. In general, Americans call this the North Warning System. Later, the SPRN station in Scotland was reanimated. This means that by covering their heads, the Americans are left with a bare bottom. “North covered and south bare” The US Missile Defense Agency (MDA) has reported the completion of the LRDR ballistic missile warning system at Clear Air Force Base in Alaska … The radar will operate in the 2000-4000 GHz frequency range. '' A 200-ton rocket, starting from Central Kazakhstan, could reach the United States through the South Pole. After the collapse of the USSR, the Americans made sure that these particular missile divisions were eliminated first of all. – So, Sarmat, as both the military and its creators – the designers of the Makeyev State Missile Center – have repeatedly stated, will be able to fly through the South Pole, and in general along all trajectories. “It's never superfluous to worry about your own safety,” the expert said … – We have now deployed on Russian territory fundamentally new stations of early warning systems in the Leningrad, Kaliningrad, Irkutsk, Orenburg regions, in the Altai, Krasnodar and Krasnoyarsk territories. & Nbsp; But, as the expert noted, the Americans did not take into account the capabilities of the Russian rocket and space industry. (Globus II AN/FPS-129 'Have Stare') in Norway. She was able to create an analogue of the heavy liquid-propellant missiles RS-20, which in the West was called “ Satan. & nbsp; Gundarov recalled that in 1998 the United States deployed the Globus-2 radar. The fact is that the power of ballistic engines & nbsp; Intercontinental-range missiles are mainly designed to fly along the shortest trajectory to the target. However, a Russian military expert believes that the United States is late in this matter.