The expert named the purpose of the provocation with chemical weapons in the Donbass

They want to nullify Russian security proposals American private military companies (PMCs) operate in Ukraine. And in Syria, this happened more than once, when specially trained people carried out the detonation of chemical munitions, and then they blamed it on the Assad government. – – Yes. – We have already witnessed such provocations in Donbass. There are also private mercenaries of the special services of Great Britain, Canada and various others. MK asked the experts what goals the United States could pursue in this case. He did not rule out that the Americans could stage a provocation with chemical weapons. It is clear that in this case they will say: “How can we negotiate with you on security issues if your charges are using chemical weapons?” Only informational confrontation, exposing all their intrigues. Coordination comes from abroad, by bodies outside the zone of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It is necessary to smoke the area – it will smoke. One of the most famous is Blackwater. This was stated by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu on December 21 at an expanded final meeting of the Defense Ministry Collegium in the presence of President Vladimir Putin. Истoчник And the Ukrainian armed forces are simply helping them. I fully admit that the PMC fighters who are now at the positions of the Ukrainian armed forces can undermine or simply spray some gases, and then they will say that the servicemen of the People's Militia of the LPNR did it with the connivance of Russia. The goal is not even some kind of military action, but an information attack, which is designed to negate the significance of the statements that our Foreign Ministry made to the United States and NATO. Photo: “It has been reliably established,” Shoigu said, “the presence of more than 120 employees of American PMCs in the settlements of Avdeevka and Priazovskoye, Donetsk region.” He added that the fact of delivery of tanks with unidentified chemical components to the cities of Avdeevka and Krasny Liman was revealed. – Rather, the armed forces of Ukraine are controlled by them. Military expert Anatoly Matviychuk believes that PMCs may well prepare a provocation in order to then accuse both Donbass and Russia of aggression. Let's say you need to open fire, they will. I think our intelligence services, which gave this information, know who these people are, what kind of PMC they are and what they are doing.