The expert ridiculed the unmanned plans of the Ukrainian aircraft industry

It is building a plant where Ukrainian-Turkish drones will be produced, and even creating its own jet unmanned interceptor. Arestovich in an interview with the Ukrainian edition of Radio Liberty told about the plant, which is being built in Vasilkov. Commenting on these unmanned plans of the Ukrainian side, Denis Fedutinov told MK: “ The presence of the Ukrainian engines of the Motor Sich company in the Turkish unmanned aerial vehicles Bayraktar does not make them a joint Ukrainian-Turkish product. Истoчник Just like, say, having Austrian-made Rotax engines does not make American Predator reconnaissance and strike drones Austro-American. ''. Their implementation requires significant in-house technological, professional human resources and, finally, financial resources, the absence of which cannot compensate for the loyalty of foreign partners. It will be used to assemble 'Ukrainian-Turkish drones' & quot; Bayraktar & quot; and Anka. However, the Russian expert & nbsp; in the field of unmanned systems, Denis Fedutinov saw in these plans a PR of domestic use. All this was told by the adviser to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine Oleksiy Arestovich. “Trying to lean on Turkish success” Ukraine will soon become a trendsetter in the field of unmanned aircraft. '' At the same time, the expert believes, the Turkish partners “ understand well the real state of affairs of Ukrainian developers of unmanned systems, but put up with such propaganda, since, firstly, this PR is & mdash; & nbsp; exclusively domestic, and & nbsp; secondly, Ukraine pays for it both in money and assistance in the spread of Turkish influence. Photo: '' “ This is not the first time this has been done in Ukraine, and Arestovich only repeats the propaganda mantra once again, '' said Denis Fedutinov. '' According to the expert, Ukrainian plans for unmanned aircraft & mdash; This is an “ attempt to lean on someone else's success, calling it joint. “ We can talk about jet drones, which are interceptors, '' & mdash; & nbsp; boasted Arestovich. '' & mdash; & nbsp; But starting with the tactical Turtle Dove and higher in dimension, all projects of unmanned systems announced by Ukrainian companies at different times remained at the initial stages of development and were not brought to the finish line. & mdash; & nbsp; This is something from the category of auto-training, designed to raise the confidence of the internal audience.