The Kremlin commented on the diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Olympics by the United States

'' & nbsp; The Kremlin speaker recalled that the Olympics will be held “ in harsh conditions associated with pandemic restrictions. '' “China has long agreed with the IOC on an option when no official representatives will be invited,” Peskov said. Peskov noted that it is in the interests of American athletes to take part in the Olympics, because the Games will be held “ ; with or without them. On December 6, Washington officially confirmed that American diplomats are boycotting the Beijing Olympics, slated for February 2022. “The main thing is that the athletes are not concerned,” he said. Photo: Still from the video Dmitry Peskov told reporters that Moscow advocates that no politics be introduced into the ideas of the Olympic movement. Истoчник & nbsp; According to him, everything else & nbsp; is the relationship between the United States and China.