The Kremlin decided to keep the direct election of governors

The secretary of the general council of the ruling party said that United Russia ready for the elections: “And they must take place.” Turchak's statement was made in response to the proposal of the leader of the Just Russia— For the truth” Sergei Mironov to postpone the current autumn campaigns “until the goals of the special military operation are fulfilled.” The politician spoke with the idea of ​​transferring several times, the last time such a statement was made on May 17 at a meeting of the State Duma. Secondly, according to Turchak, “political competition does not weaken the country, but, on the contrary, makes it stronger.” meaning and justification of the NWO [special military operation]— all parties agree. It was assumed that the possibility of changes related to the elections, President Vladimir Putin could discuss at a meeting with the Council of Legislators on April 27. <…> It is impossible to deprive people of this right under any circumstances,»,— he wrote. “I think that it is absolutely not the time and place to engage in elections where political parties will compete. As for the intention to keep direct elections of governors, then, according to him, the authorities calculated the risks and came to the conclusion that they are either minimal or none at all. The cancellation of the gubernatorial elections would look like an acknowledgment that not everything is going according to plan on the Ukrainian issue, despite the fact that the official position is to the contrary, the head of the Petersburg Politics Foundation believes. It will be difficult for other parties to find an opposition agenda that suits them, he added. Later, a source familiar with the preparation of the Council of Legislators told RBC that, according to the scenario, one of the senators or deputies was supposed to come up with a proposal for changes, and Putin, as expected will express his opinion on this matter. Mikhail Vinogradov. The fact that the Kremlin is discussing the possibility of postponing elections to legislative assemblies and city dumas for 2023 or 2024, as well as the abolition of direct gubernatorial campaigns, RBC reported on April 26. Andrew Turchak. Preservation of elections within the time limits provided for by law, and as for the gubernatorial & mdash; as before— demonstrates the “normality of the situation,” he says. On Wednesday, May 18, the Secretary of the United Russia General Council announced on his Telegram channel the need to hold the EDG on time. According to the federal official and interlocutors close to the Kremlin, direct elections will have to be preserved in all regions where such a format is envisaged, and no changes not planned. Read on RBC Pro Pro Four examples of reverse logistics and what advantages you can miss Articles Pro New challenges in cash flow management Lecture Pro Lockdowns in China threaten a new logistics crisis. Why this did not happen, the interlocutor of RBC found it difficult to answer. In addition, the process of control over the composition of the participants in the elections and the counting of votes was recognized as “sufficiently manageable”, which allows minimizing the risks for candidates from the authorities, the expert notes. Demonstration of “normality” According to two sources close to the presidential administration, the decision not to change anything was made because opinion polls show a high rating of the president, heads of regions and United Russia. What to Expect Pro Articles How Stagflation Could Hit the Economy Hard in 2022 Pro Articles Employees Steal at Work: 10 Ways to Avoid It Public Pro PR Guidelines: Where the Difficulties Lie Pro Instructions Nothing Special: How New Technology Stole Starbucks Charisma Pro Articles Development “without interference”: what analysts said about the 2008 crisisAt the same time, Turchak's statement did not directly say in what format the gubernatorial campaigns could take place— whether we are talking about maintaining direct elections or switching to elections through legislative assemblies. The leader of the SZRP motivated his initiative by the fact that today all parliamentary parties support the president, while in the elections they will have to fight with each other, talk about contradictions and about what they disagree with. “The same hypothetical forecasts about possible turbulence in the future require rather strengthening the political subjectivity of governors so that they have the motivation to resolve emerging crises, and not redirect problems to Moscow” elections for such subjectivity are not superfluous at all,— he noted. Keeping the elections unchanged demonstrates the “normality of the situation,” RBC sources say ” alt=”The Kremlin decided to keep the direct election of governors” /> Invariable terms and format The Kremlin will not postpone the Single Election Day scheduled for September , and retain direct gubernatorial elections. “No one is in danger, so there is no need [to change anything],” — explains one of the interlocutors of RBC. According to him, the reason for such a decision may also be the desire to show that there are no drastic changes— all electoral procedures, including the United Russia primaries, remain in effect. The preservation of direct gubernatorial elections and the rejection of the idea of ​​canceling or postponing campaigns as such are designed to stabilize the domestic political situation, political analyst Rostislav Turovsky believes. It is written in our Constitution. “The absence of elections or some change in their model would indicate that something extraordinary is happening in the country,” — adds the second interlocutor of RBC. In addition, elections to the legislative assemblies of six regions and 11 city dumas are planned. Such a scenario will play into the hands precisely and only of United Russia, which seeks to take advantage of this opportunity, — said the expert. However, nothing was said at the event. One of the main arguments of supporters of postponing elections or canceling direct gubernatorial campaigns was that closer to autumn, citizens could fully feel the effect of sanctions, which could also affect the ratings of power, RBC wrote earlier. The election campaign can hardly shake this consensus. Let's better send money to our army, to the liberated territories, & mdash; the politician said. “Firstly, the source of power in Russia is the people. At the same time, the heads of the regions, according to him, could be elected through legislative assemblies. Three sources close to the presidential administration confirmed to RBC that a decision had been made that the elections would indeed be held on time, and the EDG would not be postponed will. ” United Russia» opposed the postponement of the elections, because it is the party in power, and the authorities decided that there should be elections, says Vitaly Ivanov, an expert on regional politics. Article content Authors Tags Subscribe to RuTube RBC broadcast recordings on our RuTube channel Истoчник In another — Adygea— the election of the head of the republic through the legislative assembly is envisaged. On the Single Election Day on September 11, direct elections of governors are planned in 14 subjects. “To cancel the elections, serious arguments would be required, apparently, they did not find it. The authorities will not postpone the Single Election Day in September, it was also decided to leave direct elections of governors. At the same time, the results do not cause much concern— the authorities intend to use them in the logic of a patriotic upsurge.