The Kremlin refrained from publishing a list of Italian businessmen who spoke with Putin

Истoчник Peskov said that there will be 16 businessmen, but he did not specify which companies they represent and in what status. Dmitry Peskov told reporters that the next meeting with Italian businessmen is being held on the initiative of the Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and has nothing to do with the current foreign policy situation. In the open part of the meeting, which the president held online with representatives of Italian business, not a word was said about Ukraine, the fall in markets and the escalation of tension. And the Italians began to trade with the Russians from time immemorial, even before the formation of the Italian Republic, Trani recalled. Vladimir Putin regularly holds meetings with representatives of foreign business working in Russia. However, this time the tradition was broken. The head of the Italo-Russian Chamber of Industry announced the “Renaissance of Russia” Italian entrepreneurs saved Vladimir Putin from the need to publicly answer the seemingly inevitable burning questions. Peskov said that there were no official statements of this kind from Rome, and newspaper publications at the present time “are inexpensive.” At the same time, he acknowledged that the initial list of participants was reduced by three people. And Russia is ready to develop cooperation not only in traditional, but also in new areas, in particular in “green energy”, where it is possible to jointly produce and export hydrogen fuel to Europe. GDP growth in 2021 will be 4.5%. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) and the Russian Energy Week. “The global economic crisis caused by the pandemic has not affected our country as significantly as other states. Photo: Natalia Muschinkina Head of the Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vincenzo Trani urged foreign businesses to invest in Russia right now, because, despite foreign policy difficulties, it is already ready for a “new Renaissance”. Right now, in his opinion, is the best moment to start or develop a business in Russia: “Because the most profitable investments are made at times when there are difficulties.” “I advise entrepreneurs to look at the potential of Russia, which has overcome the international crisis caused by covid and is ready for a new renaissance,” Trani announced. He noted that bilateral trade grew by almost 54% last year. He promised to discuss with the Italian participants the most pressing issues of Russian-Italian economic cooperation and all topics that concern entrepreneurs. This became possible thanks to the structural reliability of the Russian economy,” the President stressed. According to him, the Kremlin has no intention of enlisting the support of its longtime business partners – “this is a perverted understanding of work.” As for the entrepreneurs themselves, they usually ask Putin “profile questions,” but if someone wants to ask about Ukraine or about sanctions, then “the president will be ready to give exhaustive explanations,” Peskov said. Peskov's positive attitude was confirmed by the head of the Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vincenzo Trani, who even from the TV screen radiated optimism inexplicable against the backdrop of falling markets and other international leapfrog. With a certain degree of nonchalance, he announced that it was not the first time that difficulties in relations between Russia and Europe had arisen, but they had always been overcome through dialogue. Unemployment is holding at historic lows of 4.3%. “Someone failed, someone got sick,” the Kremlin speaker explained, without specifying the names of the “refuseniks”. “Of course, the fact that the process of mutual recognition of vaccines and vaccination certificates between Russia and the European Union has not yet been completed has not been completed,” Putin complained. The chamber itself has existed for 57 years. Vladimir Putin did not argue with this. Usually, the Kremlin always publishes a list of participants in events held by the head of state. In the spring of 2021, the president spoke with the French, in the winter of 2019 – with the Germans, in 2018 – with the Italians, in 2017 – with the Americans. The President reminded Italian entrepreneurs that Moscow would compete with Rome for the right to host EXPO 2030, and expects to win, because she has never hosted an exhibition in 170 years. Earlier, several foreign media published reports at once that the Italian authorities asked the organizers to cancel the meeting with Putin due to a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine, after which the heads of the largest oil and gas companies refused to contact the Kremlin. From his words it appeared that the renaissance had already begun. “Well, we will compete with you, we will compete,” VVP urged. In addition, foreign entrepreneurs can ask the President questions during the events of the St.