The Metropolitan who returned the icon of Our Lady of Tikhvin from the USA to Russia has died

Petersburg Church of St. In December 1941, she was taken to Riga, where she came to Bishop John, who came to the USA with her 8 years later. “Our leader appeared before God” hellip; Kingdom of heaven and eternal rest, dear Vladyka!” – Bishop Nazariy of Kronstadt wrote on Facebook. Nicholas the Wonderworker the relics and two icons that were in the so-called prayer room. According to legend, the Tikhvin Icon appeared in the air over the waters of Lake Ladoga in the 14th century. Earlier it was reported that the Moscow Art Theater returned to the St. Истoчник The shrine was kept in the United States until 2004, when it was solemnly returned by a delegation led by Metropolitan Vladimir. Retired Metropolitan Vladimir (Kotlyarov), who participated in the return to Russia of the Tikhvin Icon of the Mother of God “Hodegetria”, painted by the Evangelist Luke, died at the age of 93.