The Ministry of Defense told how they will shoot down other people’s drones

As Alexander Leonov said in an interview with Krasnaya Zvezda, the training of calculations uses, in particular, the Syrian experience. The complex will have two types of anti-aircraft guided missiles and have an increased engagement zone, Leonov said. New “Carapace”, “Derivation”, “Birdcatchers” The Russian Army celebrates the Day of Military Air Defense on December 26. The rocket will be equipped with an optical-electronic homing head, which has no analogues in the world. A modification of the anti-aircraft missile and cannon system is also being developed “Pantsir-SM-SV” on a tracked chassis for the Ground Forces and Airborne Forces. The use of a special projectile with programmable detonation in the target area, the general said, will allow one or two short bursts of microdrones and mini-drones, including Phantom-4 quadcopters, to be hit. According to the general, one of the main tasks of his subordinates is the fight against unmanned aerial vehicles. It will provide an accurate hit in the conditions of exposure to all types of existing and future optical interference. Designers are also creating a portable anti-aircraft missile system of a new generation. Their massive use can cause great harm to the troops. To combat drones the latest anti-aircraft systems “Buk-M3”, “Tor-M2”, portable anti-aircraft missile systems “Verba” are used. For it, missiles of two types are being created: a homing target by thermal radiation and a target by a laser beam. Its chief, Lieutenant-General Alexander Leonov, spoke about how the military air defense will develop. Истoчник This branch of the military is responsible for covering motorized riflemen and tankers from air strikes. Drones have become dangerous weapons. This was shown, for example, by the Karabakh war of 2020. New anti-aircraft systems are being developed: the 57-mm anti-aircraft artillery system “Derivation-Air Defense”. The conditional name is “Label”. At the forefront anti-aircraft missile system “Birdies” will be used.