The Ministry of Education presented the standard for the ceremony of raising the flag of the Russian Federation in schools

This was reported by TASS. The department's document says that the flag will be hoisted weekly on the first school day before classes. In addition, the Ministry of Education gave recommendations on the procedure for taking out the flag, raising it and lowering it. In autumn and winter, it is recommended to raise the flag indoors, and in spring and summer – outdoors. Earlier it was reported that the raising of the national flag and the performance of the anthem of the Russian Federation may become mandatory during any official sports and physical culture events in the country.< /p> Rate the material Истoчник The ceremony should be accompanied by the performance of the Russian anthem, and those present at this time should stand on the counter « Smirno». When choosing a place for the ceremony, it will be necessary to take into account the climatic conditions, the design features of the building and the specifics of the educational institution. To raise the flag, a banner group will be formed, which will be able to include students with various achievements. The Ministry of Education has presented a standard for holding the Russian flag raising ceremony in educational institutions.